The Def Leppard E.P.

The Def Leppard E.P.

THE DEF LEPPARD E.P. is the bands debut EP.  It was recorded at Fairview Studios in Hull, on November 1978 and was released January 1979.  Produced by Def Leppard, the album cover is a parody of the painting His Master's Voice, with a leopard in place of the painting's dog Nipper.



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Additional Musicians: Frank Noon (drums) & Pete Willis (Guitar)
Producer: Def Leppard
Recording Location: Fairview Studios, Hull, UK


bnee1972 06/29/11 2011 01:15:58 PM

how can i buy a copy of thier ep.

Dylan Singleton 06/29/11 2011 05:26:04 PM

i want this album for my collection BUT ITS SO RARE

FGasperini 06/29/11 2011 07:53:10 PM

The beginning...THey should release a new version of OTTN with the EP as a bonus with artwork n' everything! :)

Steve Rahl 07/09/11 2011 09:00:26 PM

why did u so long u to release Ride Into The Sun? Please message me back! I is such a good song!

tuckerte 07/16/11 2011 11:36:32 AM

I consider myself SOOOOOOOO lucky to have a copy of this EP - one of most prized D/L items

Amber Sawney 07/21/11 2011 07:30:42 AM

im soooo sorry about your dad and mom passing.i lose my foster dad this year to mom still dealing with his death she has been with him since high school.they were high school sweet hearts.the thing is i still cry even though i know he in a better place.Its not the same without them when they are not there with us anymore.but I know they watch us from up my heart goes out to you in this time of sadness.ill be seeing you guys in concret at in wa with guys still rock out. fan Amber Sawney

DEF LEPPARD 1977-Forever 07/26/11 2011 02:10:16 AM

I do not have this album but Im trying to get it. I do know that the songs "Getcha Rocks Off" & "The Overture" can be found on the "On Through The Night" album. "Ride Into The Sun" can be found on the "Retro Active" album. P.S. I have both albums.

4everDefLepfan 10/14/11 2011 01:52:33 AM

Would like to know how i can purchase this Def Leppard EP as i would like to add it to my collection. Please make this one avaiable for purchase. Thanks! Forever Fan..

sueh 11/11/11 2011 12:58:55 PM

We have a signed copy of this EP for sale. It is in good condition, unplayed for a long time. Given to us by Pete Willis. It comes with sleeve but no lyrics. All offers considered.

Divermoose 12/23/11 2011 11:29:17 PM

Well, I was at Grammar school in Grantham in 1978 and Def Leppard played one of the gigs at the Grantham Guildhall. I was in the same year as the temporary drummers brother Frank Noon. I cannot remember if they supported the Next Band (a school band) or they supported Def Leppard.
Anyway, you could tell the quality even in those early days. A few months later we were offered their 1st pressing EP the Bludgeon Riffola version, for £1.00 from memory through a friend of the Noon's. I bought one as did a few of my mates and we all still have the EP, all of us (well I know my 3 close mates) have the versions with a small printed lyric sheet. Nope it is not a photocopy as it was in the record when I got it and you can carbon date it if you want!!!! It is quite exciting having this record but I am also very attached to it as it is now so old and only a bit younger than me!! My one is in good condition but saying that it has a small tear (about 1cm) from the top of the sleeve, oh well....if you look at me and I am 48 there is more than one small tear and a lot more ageing!!

Kriss Leigh 02/05/12 2012 10:45:34 PM

My dad got me their E.P for my 12th Birthday- I still listen to it!

4everDefLepfan 05/21/12 2012 03:16:13 AM

I wish DL would release this album as a cd as i have all there cd's except this first one. I have seen it for sale/bid on Ebay for those looking to buy it. So Please Def Leppard if you read this please consider making this album available for purchase for all your fans.

yanamation 05/25/12 2012 09:35:58 PM

I went all the way to Sheffield 15 years ago to find it (I live in New York!!!!!!)....So worth it!!

Sylvia Lee 02/13/13 2013 05:16:14 PM

I recently found a copy- After all these years, I didn't have to think twice about getting it. It is like the holy grail to long time Lepp heads!

John Sposato 10/01/13 2013 03:20:23 PM

Discogs has copies. The tracks should be bonus tracks on a remaster of On Through the Night if there ever is one. Someone from Joes old job had a copy she bought from him on eBay once but missus wanted a few bob for it.

hnorri 01/01/14 2014 12:12:08 PM

the reason that this copy is so rare because there only a 1000 made

Brian Williams 02/12/14 2014 09:19:15 PM

Where can I get a copy of this EP???? It is not available through!!!!