EUPHORIA is DEF LEPPARD'S seventh studio album released on June 8, 1999.  The album charted at #11 on Billboard's "Top 200" Album Chart and the UK Albums Chart.

Performed By

Additional Information

Additional Musicians: Robert John "Mutt" Lange (additional vocals on "Promises" and "All Night", additional guitar on "All Night") / Damon "Demon" Hill (end guitar solo on "Demolition Man") / Ciaran McGoldrick, Gary Sullivan, Ricky Warwick (hey's and claps on "Back in Your Face")
Producer: Def Leppard / Pete Woodroffe
Recording Location: Joe's Garage (Dublin, Ireland)


soren_ladegaard 03/17/12 2012 10:07:40 AM

I've tried to search the net for information about why Def Leppard's music isn't available on iTunes. Does anyone know the reason why their music isn't available on the world's most popular music store?

steve57457 07/23/12 2012 09:41:24 PM

They are on Itunes. Hope you found them by now.

John Sposato 10/01/13 2013 03:31:15 PM

A return to form with this album after changing direction with Slang. Once again I looked to Canada to buy this (I'm in the States but in relative proximity to the border). Might try further away in future and the next paragraph explains why.
In Australia, Worlds Collide and Under My Wheels are added to make up for not going there often, and in Japan, Burnout and Immortal are the bonus tracks as explained in the FAQ in the past, it's to keep fans from buying cheaper imports which is bad for the Nikkei.
Followed by a VH1 Storytellers on US TV.

Jill1970 05/16/14 2014 10:10:14 AM

She'll lick a man more further than he's ever been before
(give it to me)
Show me babe what's on your mind
I wanna feel ya one more time
All night, I like it, all night

Umm, forgive me guys, but I thought the lyrics were actually "She'll make a man go further than he's ever been before"., although I have to admit, this version has it's merits. LOL.

Tommi Palo 07/21/14 2014 07:51:15 PM

Euphoria is at home and promises a good melodic hard rock song and goodbye is a godsend for girls.Tommi

Tommi Palo 07/21/14 2014 07:58:36 PM

You sound like a GUITY SONG AND HYSTERIA love and affection biisiltä please call the song in Finland and also europaassa and fans can also look forward to Finland last gig you were in 2008. Tommi

barnswallow78 03/29/15 2015 05:45:30 PM

Oe of our wedding songs is Goodbye and it would mean a lot to my wife to hear you sing it on July 5th at moheghan sun. We were lucking to be picked to go on stage at a big and rich concert and dance to our other song, live. A big fan, Adam Gagne