SLANG is DEF LEPPARD'S sixth studio album released May 14, 1996. The album charted at #14 on U.S. Billboard and #5 on the UK Albums Chart.



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Additional Information

Additional Musicians: Gloria Flores (Spanish voice on "Slang") / Ram Naravan (intro sarangi sample on "Turn to Dust") / Craig Pruess (string and percussion arranging and conducting on "Turn to Dust") / Av Singh (dohl on "Turn to Dust") / Shyam Vatish (outré sarangi sample on "Turn to Dust") / Pete Woodroffe (piano on "Blood Runs Cold", keyboard strings on "Where Does Love Go When It Dies") / Gavyn Wright (string leader on "Turn to Dust")
Producer: Def Leppard & Pete Woodroffe
Recording Location: Marbella, Spain / Bow Lane Studios (Dublin, Ireland)


VeronicaLeppard 06/17/11 2011 07:39:50 AM

why so many fans of the group do not like this album, take at least a song All I Want Is Everything, and Blood Runs Cold is a great song that many people say the album is too many slow songs but in the music needs to be a soul.
I love this album and who is not you did not get the music to end.

Rylee Strange 07/27/11 2011 06:51:36 PM

Def Leppard’s most underrated album, and a true turning point in my childhood.

It was 1998 and i had just caught VH1’s Behind the Music episode of Def Leppard. I loved their sound, loved their story, but oddly it took me years to really get their 80s stuff, like Pyromania (which is still probably my least-favourite record of theirs) and (Hysteria, one of my all time favourites, now).

Slang (1996) was the one that really caught my attention. Lying somewhere between Sting and Queen, with Nine Inch Nails affectations thrown in. It’s a mix of hard rock, great harmonies, industrial beats and world music. Not to mention some real funky elements and Def Lep’s greatest ballads ever.

I remember getting this CD christmas day of 1998. And then spending the rest of the year of 1999 listening to it, until their next record, Euphoria, came out that year. It’s still a staple on my itunes. A brilliant record that still makes my stomach knot up when i hear it.

PS—Dig that killer album cover!

DefLeppardManiac1987 11/10/11 2011 04:57:38 AM

I love this album and I love All I Want Is Everything! i wish they would put their music up on Itunes for purchase, I would love to to be able to buy just the main songs that I want indiividually without having to buy the whole cd not that they have any bad song just so i could focus on the main ones that I want.

Stacey A Stephens Lenington 12/04/11 2011 12:29:55 AM

Love this!! It's My favorite Album!!

Hysterika 07/19/12 2012 02:16:23 PM

Deliver Me! Love it so much!!!

Dolphin61 07/22/12 2012 04:35:10 PM

I just listened to this CD, "I love it", my favorites are Work It Out & Blood Runs Cold, but of course everything they do is great.

steveclarkfan1990 11/10/12 2012 03:42:17 AM

beautiful and a definetly underrated album. the saong, blood runs cold reminds me of steve clark!

Sharrie Butler 11/15/12 2012 09:39:29 AM

I have been a fan of Def for many years. This album is one of their finer pieces of work. Good job guys.

rayho333 03/13/13 2013 05:42:55 AM

I had this album for years. Every once in a while I would pull it out and force myself to listen to it. I wanted to like it so bad, and I just didn't. I grew up on a steady diet of Def Leppard. High & Dry, Pyromania, and Hysteria were like mother's milk to me. I was so disappointed with this album, I could barely listen to it. I remember the long wait for Hysteria. I had that album the day it was released. I felt like a little kid buying a new baseball glove.

When this album came out, man I thought the boys had lost it. Funny thing happened though. Probably seven or eight years after the release of this album I was digging around in my old CD's and pulled Slang out. I put it in my car on a lark, and I loved it. After a few listens I couldn't get enough.

This album has a different sound than probably any other Leppard album. Today, I count this album among my favorites of all time. Not just Def Lep albums but all albums. This music might have been too drastic a change for me at first. I don't think that I am alone in thinking that either, but I would encourage all fans to give it another listen.

thomseye 04/27/13 2013 03:21:27 AM

What can I say about Slang?

I was a Def Leppard fan by 1982 and only grew to love them more and more with each passing album released, I sort of peaked on DL around 1991, just prior to Adrenalize.

I was college aged around this time and started to explore other sounds like U2, New Order, Smiths, Nine Inch Nails and even some ambient techno. Outside of the B-Sides from Adrenalize, most notably "Little Wing", I really figured (sadly) that maybe Def Leppard and I were growing apart.

However, at the end of the Video Archive VHS tape that I bought circa 1995, there was this small clip of Def Leppard performing a song that I thought sounded incredible. Like DL grown up! The song sort of lit my fire on the DL front again... Unfortunately at the time, the internet was in it's infancy and there was no way to pursue this new "grown up" sound from DL.

In the second week of May, 1996... without knowledge of any pending Def Leppard release, I happened to hear the boys on the radio during their Rockline interview on local WRIF in Detroit. I ended up hearing "Work It Out" and bought the CD the following day.

Everything Changes

Here I am... in the middle of exploring new music, hanging out in clubs with friends that wouldn't think of listening to Def Leppard. And all of a sudden, that band from my youth comes out with an album that not only segued perfectly on my path of great new music, but in my opinion, released the best album since Achtung Baby by U2.

I truly couldn't believe how much my "punk rock" friends and I loved this record.

It was my soundtrack, as much as Hysteria and Pyromania were a decade earlier. The summer of 1996, listening to Work It Out, (that song on Video Archive) All I Want Is Everything, Breathe A Sigh, Turn To Dust, Where Does Love Go When It Dies, Pearl Of Euphoria... This album broke all the rules related to 80's hard rock bands.

Lightning strikes twice. I fell back into love with Def Leppard.

As a note, it was my friend Heather and me at Pine Knob back in 1996 that (when Def Leppard played a song off Slang) stood up and went NUTS! While most everyone else in the crowd look confused by the new material. We wanted the band to know... We appreciated their new sound and the chance they took putting it out there.

Thank you Def Leppard! Like when I told Joe Elliott during their Euphoria tour... "Slang was a great album.. and meant a lot to me"

tyketto 12/18/13 2013 02:47:46 PM

Slang is a very underappreciated album. After the tired-sounding Adrenalize, the band put out a diverse album that is beautiful in its sound and brilliantly creative. The band was free of the shackles of grief over Steve, and they were poised to begin a new era.
Unfortunately, the fan reaction to Slang muted this rebirth, and instead drove them to record the over-produced, stale sounding, throw away follow up Euphoria.
But Slang shows us what could have been. The Slang tour was my favorite by far, showing a stripped down Def Leppard that was incredibly tight and raw in sound. Any of the songs of Slang would have been amazing live and I'm thankful I was able to hear Gift of Flesh, Deliver Me, Work it Out and Slang during that tour.
Slang still sounds fresh today. Turn to Dust still gives goosebumps. All I Want is Everything still evokes a heavy heart. Slang still makes your body bounce. Pearl of Euphoria still has that epic endless feel. Blood Runs Cold still kicks you in the gut.
The fans who rebelled on this album did us all a disservice. It's fine to love Hysteria and the 80's era sound. But it's wrong to demand a band not grow and try a new things. Slang was the next great Def Leppard album. It could have lead to so much more. Instead it lead to several stale albums (with high points, yes, but stale nonetheless) until the band broke the mold a little bit with Sparkle Lounge.