On Through The Night

On Through The Night

ON THROUGH THE NIGHT is DEF LEPPARD'S debut full length studio album released on March 14, 1980. The album charted at #15 on the UK Albums and #51 on The Billboard charts.  It features rerecorded versions of "Rocks Off" and "Overture" from the band's original independently released EP.

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Additional Information

Additional Musicians: Pete Willis (guitar), Chris Hughes (synthesizer on "Hello America"), Dave Cousins (voice on "When The Walls Came Tumblin' Down)
Producer: (Colonel) Tom Allom
Recording Location: Startling Studios (Ascot, Berkshire) - December 1979


Jean-Fran├žois Samson 06/22/11 2011 01:29:17 AM

I always loved this album cover. A truck "flying" around the moon and carrying a giant electric guitar... It really rocks!

FGasperini 06/30/11 2011 12:47:51 AM

Young and Raw - That's how I describe DL during the OTTN era..."The Overture" is a masterpiece...and "Wasted" has one of the best riffs ever.

DEF LEPPARD 1977-Forever 07/26/11 2011 02:19:15 AM

I have this album & I give it a 5/10. This album is still pretty good for 5 teenagers to put together. Im 13 years old & DEF LEPPARD is my F-F-F-AVORITE BAND. I have ALL their albums except The Def Leppard E.P & Im trying to get that one.

EMD 07/31/11 2011 10:26:21 PM

There's always something about debut albums. I'm not sure what it is, but On Through The Night is amazing!

On_Through_High_n_Dry 08/25/11 2011 08:35:38 AM

Def Leppard's best album!

DEF LEPPARD 1977-Forever 09/19/11 2011 07:45:31 AM

About my comment up there I did NOT mean I didn't like the album. I love the album. I love all of thier albums. On Through The Night is great. Just like the other ones. Sometimes I try to sort the albums from best to the worst, but at the end of the day there all about equal. I LOVE THIS ALBUM JUST AS MUCH AS THE OTHERS. JOE, PETE, SAV, RICK, & STEVE* YOU ALL DID A GGGRRREEEAAATTT JJJOOOBBB!!!!!!!

Steve_Clark_the_second 11/17/11 2011 01:28:33 PM

Yeah that's right buddy Def Leppard's 'On Through the Night' is totally AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Steve clark's the best, but you all were Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve_Clark_the_second 11/17/11 2011 01:29:25 PM

Man there's this song rock brigade and it is like my fav song this album rocks

Dolphin61 06/29/12 2012 06:04:50 AM

I heard my first Def Leppard song in 1980 I loved them then and still listen and love them now!

Dave 2MS-180 04/26/13 2013 08:15:09 PM

The best!!!

John Sposato 10/01/13 2013 03:35:41 PM

There should be a photo of Pete Willis too. It's not like he's Pete Best (Tony Kenning is more the Pete Best of Leppard).
Allom previously worked with Priest and even Genesis. This was recorded at the former Lennon and later Starr estate in racing capital Ascot, Berks.

John Sposato 11/07/13 2013 01:00:17 AM

If there's ever a deluxe edition the bonus tracks should be the alternate versions of tracks 2, 7, 8, and 11 as well as Ride into the Sun and Good Morning Freedom. These early tracks are seldom done by the band on the road anymore but they're on the new live album to please us diehard fans.