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Leesa0127 commented on a News 07/09/14 2014 02:01:35 AM

Great pic of Rick Savage...classic pose!!

Leesa0127 commented on a News 07/09/14 2014 02:00:10 AM

Great Pic of Rick Savage!!! Classic pose!!

Everybodysalsa commented on a News 07/08/14 2014 04:05:20 AM

Will you be coming to Montreal later? You are really loved here!

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 07/07/14 2014 09:25:18 PM

Hello Joe, How have you been doing? I know that you have been very busy just like the rest of the guys. I wanted to thank you for thinking about us fans the way that you do. Like about a couple of weeks ago it was your 200 show and you asked a question then if anyone knows the answer be the 200 person. Well, just my luck I knew it but I didn't have a way to answer it because I didn't have a computer anymore i'm using a playstation 3 to get on the internet. My best friend couldn't either she just had surgery. But anyway thank you for all that you guys do to make possible for fans dreams to come true! God bless! Love, Kellie

Melissa Ospina commented on a News 07/07/14 2014 04:53:05 PM

Colombia please!!!!!!!

rock-n-roll-cannon87 commented on a News 07/05/14 2014 09:52:33 PM

I miss the concert on def leppard I never been to a concert I was suppose to get tickets for my birthday but was to poor to get the tickets but I hope that you come to concord pavilion again I a really big fan your music is a huge influence to my love of music

Cynthia Moore Locke commented on a Photo 07/05/14 2014 09:25:22 PM

Viv looks wonderful, I wish the best for him throughout the tour and after with his health!

Michelle Scott commented on a Photo 07/05/14 2014 08:52:02 PM

Nice one Joe bet that feals amazing