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BlakeWebb19 commented on a News 07/18/14 2014 09:15:57 PM

For those who are going to the Meet and Greet tomorrow in Charlotte 7/19... I've got a friend in the hospital for a severe burn accident who is a huge Def Leppard fan. I would be willing to pay you to have them write a get well soon message on a sheet of paper for my friend Ron. Contact me @

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 07/18/14 2014 06:00:57 PM

Well, I really tried but it won't play, But i'm sure it's on my end i'll keep trying. I want to thank you so very much for putting it on here i'm sure it's a wonderful interview. Please take care! God bless! love, Kellie

beachbabe1973 commented on a Photo 07/16/14 2014 01:03:27 PM

Such a sexy man with amazing eyes and very kissable lips! I have had a huge crush on him ever since he wore those tattered jeans in the 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' video. That's still my favorite song EVER and always will be. I've seen them many times in concert and am looking forward to Saturday, August 2 in Atlantic City, NJ. I'll be hot, sticky and sweet watching him perform. Love you Joe:-)

Dan Crick commented on a News 07/15/14 2014 03:26:43 PM

I was an original fan back in London. I saw Rick's 3 successive 16th birthday's on Highway To Hell tour at Hammersmith - plus I was at St Albans City Hall for kick-off of On the Through Night Tour. We were so proud of you lot. However I was also part of the Reading crowd in 1980 and I am ashamed to say that I participated in all that "bollox" that night. We thought you had sold out and were chasing the American $. I am coming to see you tonight at Riverbend (the first time since 1980) - I have felt such shame and guilt at our actions back then. You never forgot England and you kept true to your NWBHM roots. Hopefully you can forgive me - Dan

Hysteria2014 commented on a News 07/12/14 2014 10:17:31 PM

Love the pics, especially this one of Sav and the close-up pic of Joe. I love you guys and wish that more Canadian dates had been added to the schedule. Keep those awesome pictures coming!!

Leesa0127 commented on a News 07/09/14 2014 02:01:35 AM

Great pic of Rick Savage...classic pose!!

Leesa0127 commented on a News 07/09/14 2014 02:00:10 AM

Great Pic of Rick Savage!!! Classic pose!!

Everybodysalsa commented on a News 07/08/14 2014 04:05:20 AM

Will you be coming to Montreal later? You are really loved here!