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Thomas Simpson commented on a News 02/20/14 2014 10:28:46 PM

The title scared me for a second... I thought it meant death of Vivian Campbell. I lost my breathe for a second. Thank god it's not what I thought it was.

pjames6 commented on a News 02/20/14 2014 07:14:35 PM

brilliant interview with vivian. can't wait for a new album in 2015 and then maybe a tour??? x

Nadia Dias commented on a Tour 02/19/14 2014 05:54:56 PM

Pleeeeease come to PORTUGAL!

tyketto commented on a News 02/19/14 2014 01:27:54 PM

What a fantastic package. Thank you for releasing this brilliant album in a Deluxe Edition with so many insights into the evolution of the songs. Slang is amazing, and fans who can't see that because they demand the band record Hysteria over and over again are denying themselves Def Leppard's best album. This album never gets old for me. It's fresh and exciting every time I put it on. Thanks, guys, for not burying this one but proudly embracing it and demanding it get another fair listen.

Def Leppard Always commented on a Photo 02/16/14 2014 07:28:52 PM

Those eyes!!

pjames6 commented on a News 02/15/14 2014 04:56:41 PM

can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 02/15/14 2014 12:35:45 AM

Happy Valentines Day!

pjames6 commented on a News 02/13/14 2014 05:10:08 PM

This is such a good interview to listen to - nice and long. A little bit of everything is discussed here from girl to def leppard to manraze to delta deep to kiss to deep purple to politics to Phil's autobiography. Phew!!! Can't wait for the book, Phil. Get on and finish it! A def leppard album would be good too. Not asking for much am I? Lol x