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shadygreen commented on a Tour 06/11/14 2014 04:29:15 AM

I just finished building a small private campground 2 miles from White River Amphitheatre I have a shuttle service too if anyone's interested. So far it's ALL Def Leppard fans staying here for the concert. No Kiss fans yet. If you want to keep it that way get a hold of me. I met Def Leppard in Kirkland Washington while they were on tour for their second album. Don't do the math. Who knew then what kind of impact they would have so ma y years later. I have a couple spots left in some beautiful old growth forest. Come make some memories on this huge tour by a phenom of a band. 2537970519 I'm called shadygreen campground on FB. Wear your Union Jack clothing for free shuttle.

corn commented on a Tour 06/10/14 2014 04:05:47 PM

I seen them in Erlangen Germany on October 16 1983. That date is not listed on the website. Special guest was a all girl band named Rock Goddess. They kicked ass!

I will see them again on July 16th 2014 with Kiss in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena!

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 06/09/14 2014 08:48:33 PM

Wow! That sounds wonderful! Joe, You have made me a big fan of the 70's music. I have loved all kinds of music all my life but see I was born in 69 so thank you for playing all this music you had grownup with. Love it! I find myself going on you tube looking up 70's music along with of course def leppard music haha. Thanks I am a big fan of Ian Hunter now! But Joe you are the best in my book! Take care!

khysteria commented on a News 06/07/14 2014 02:30:19 AM

Yea, Super!!! I cannot wait to hear Joe answer questions on Sound Cloud!!

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 06/06/14 2014 04:03:44 PM

Joe, I think this is so awesome that you are doing this just don't know where you find the time to do all that you do, But thank you! I posted a couple of questions for you but I forgot one. I know that you will be touring and you will be so busy. Will you be able to do your radio show somehow? Maybe one day I will get a chance to talk to you face to face because I have so much to tell you. Please take care! Love & Blessings, Kellie

Theodora Karanikou commented on a News 06/05/14 2014 11:08:10 PM

I would change the last part of needing Red Bull with ROCK STAR RECOVERY!
to adrenalize themselves.

Irene Skidmore commented on a Photo 06/03/14 2014 08:56:39 AM

I LOVE U GUYS! I am trying to find how to buy the meet and greet for riverbend july 15th!!! :-) I loved u since age of 12 I am 37 now! You are my fav heart and soul idols I wish so much that one of u would personally write something to me!or send me a meet and greet pass!! I don't know how much longer I will be alive. I want to meet u this is my last wish!!!

dizzyblonde commented on a News 06/02/14 2014 12:33:51 AM

Great read! Looking forward to Wheatland, CA this month with the boys!