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Melissa Ospina commented on a News 07/07/14 2014 04:53:05 PM

Colombia please!!!!!!!

rock-n-roll-cannon87 commented on a News 07/05/14 2014 09:52:33 PM

I miss the concert on def leppard I never been to a concert I was suppose to get tickets for my birthday but was to poor to get the tickets but I hope that you come to concord pavilion again I a really big fan your music is a huge influence to my love of music

Cynthia Moore Locke commented on a Photo 07/05/14 2014 09:25:22 PM

Viv looks wonderful, I wish the best for him throughout the tour and after with his health!

Michelle Scott commented on a Photo 07/05/14 2014 08:52:02 PM

Nice one Joe bet that feals amazing

Kthet420 commented on a Photo 07/04/14 2014 08:06:34 PM

I was at this concert, you guys flat out rocked, I've always loved your music, this was my first chance to see you perform live...Loved it, I wish you guys had been the headliner, but I understand, Kiss's 40th anniversary and all that shit, they did great too, I love the fact that Joe Elliot before he left the stage that night proclaimed that this isn't it,that they will be back! When they do come back I will go too see them again.

en4sir371 commented on a Photo 07/04/14 2014 04:53:31 AM

So incredible to see Viv looking so healthy---you are awesome, Viv!

Hysteria2014 commented on a Photo 07/04/14 2014 02:38:10 AM

Wow! That is such a gorgeous shot of Joe. Thank you, Mrs.Collen for the beautiful pictures and I look forward to more.

Claudia Coronel commented on a News 07/04/14 2014 01:31:38 AM

OMG!!!! I'm so f&%$!! excited!! Love you so much!! Can't wait!!!