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Nikki Nigh Lanz commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 05:31:07 PM

Not a happy Def Leppard fan here. The last time I saw you was a couple years ago when you toured with Heart. Awesome shows!! Didn't see you last year becuase I don't like Poison. Now this year's partner is KISS. At first this sounded awesome, until I heard KISS as of lately. Paul absolutely sounds horrible (YouTube their latest show at Dodger Stadium
). I think you could have gotten a lot better act to tour with. Some people will go anyway, but I don't like driving 3-4 hours each way unless I like both bands. Maybe next year.

kasb1961 commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 01:38:30 PM

you dont have to be a kiss fan club member to get Def Leppard V.I.P. Helen is no longer doing the hosting she resigned in Dec.of2013

Futbolfan commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 01:17:52 PM

Any information on whether Def Leppard will close each concert?

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 10:54:51 AM

This is amazing I wish I could go but it seems that I can't make it again for this tour. My best friend is having surgery and she is my only way to go. Maybe there will be another time I really hope that you all have a great time, love Kellie

SRColeman74 commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 07:49:26 AM

I have true respect for KISS and Def Leppard with this interview. I recommend everyone watch. These two bands are not only ICONIC but to take the time to share their thoughts and to care about their fans the way they do is PRICELESS!

Chris Cheney commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 04:49:37 AM

Great interview Joe. Looking forward to seeing you in Utah. I wish I could afford the meet and greet so I could meet you but I will be at the show! Rock on!

reismann commented on a News 03/19/14 2014 04:41:56 AM

Everytime in the USA!Very Bad.The band forgets the fan sin Europe.Here in Germany I have seen the band ten years ago.

foreveryoung0224 commented on a News 03/18/14 2014 09:22:04 PM

I cannot access VIP Packages, Please help.