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Kellie Trentham commented on a News 05/23/14 2014 03:06:26 AM

Really do love that you'll get these wonderful interviews for all of us fans to see. Thank you so very much but I sometimes don't have any luck getting it to work But it's okay! Bet it was another awesome interview i'm sure! Thank you again

Fan Def Leppard commented on a News 05/21/14 2014 09:21:55 PM

i love def leppard rick allen is awesome and myh idol of drums goodbye ariba def leppard forever

Jill1970 commented on a Album 05/16/14 2014 10:10:14 AM

She'll lick a man more further than he's ever been before
(give it to me)
Show me babe what's on your mind
I wanna feel ya one more time
All night, I like it, all night

Umm, forgive me guys, but I thought the lyrics were actually "She'll make a man go further than he's ever been before"., although I have to admit, this version has it's merits. LOL.

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 05/16/14 2014 05:21:25 AM

I can't seem to get it but it's ok. I'm sure it's an amazing interview. I know that you guys are real busy and you guys will be touring soon with Kiss. I know that you all love music and us fans love music too, But please take care of yourselves, Hope to see you guys on the next tour God willing maybe I might even be able to talk to you then. :)

LauraBiggers commented on a Photo 05/15/14 2014 04:49:06 PM


Archive625 commented on a News 05/14/14 2014 11:27:20 AM

FYI, The Audio Link is not working to the Joe Elliott Interview. The MP3 Source file is not on their media server.

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 05/08/14 2014 08:10:18 AM

Wow! Thank you so very much for sharing this interview on here it's a awesome interview! I really love it when a person is real about their feelings and so passionate about what they are doing. Thank you so very much Joe for all the hard work that you do, Also thank you to all of you guys in Def Leppard and Down n Outz for all the wonderful work that you all do to give us fans enjoyment. Take care & God bless!

Jhonny Torrado Pulido commented on a Tour 05/04/14 2014 10:48:05 PM

tour latinoamerica!!!