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Blair Linthorne commented on a News 01/21/14 2014 11:27:09 PM

Maybe you should correct "All I've Ever Wanted" to "All I Want Is Everything" :)

passionfeast commented on a Photo 01/21/14 2014 08:04:34 AM

Joe Elliott deeply passionate singing with all he has for us in concert...

heidi1 commented on a News 01/15/14 2014 11:30:04 PM

He wasn't just a band mate he was your friend. Thoughts and prayers go out to you guys.

ignatius commented on a News 01/15/14 2014 02:11:51 PM


leftdeffer commented on a News 01/14/14 2014 01:21:02 AM

I can't be the only one with mixed feelings. I hate him for leaving so soon. Selfish of me, I suppose, but it seems very unfair. Anyone will tell you that's how life works. To think of all he's missed out on, and all the times he could have had. I could wax nostalgic, but to me, he was a big part of my life growing up. Def Leppard were a natural, everyday part of my life, until at 17, I walked into class at school and the kids told me he was dead. I thought they were screwing with me, knowing I was a fan. Back then I had a Lepp T-shirt on almost every day. I never went shopping much, and the concert tees added up. I think I nearly got into a fight over it. (Of which I apologized later, when it turned out they were telling the truth after all.)

So much for that. I was one of the first to get Adrenalize, just so I could hear the last 5 notes they used from his recording on the album. (Also, "Tonight" is a killer song.) Back to my mixed feelings on this. It's a stupid, lousy way to go, but I'll always be happy for the brief time he spent here. There are a lot of different music styles, and different musicians, but Def leppard always had a good attitude, positive outlook, and fun, catchy songs. To this day, everything else seems...boring. So throw in Hysteria, dissect the songs, and focus on those amazing riffs that stay with us long after the curtain falls.

grettac commented on a News 01/11/14 2014 07:15:29 PM

Just listened via internet to Joe Elliott's show on Planet Rock for the first time. Very cool line-up, it was great! From East Tennessee: Rock On, Joe Elliott!!

grettac commented on a News 01/11/14 2014 07:11:12 PM

Very cool line-up on your show today. My first time listening and it was great! My local station is 103.5 WIMZ out of Knoxville, Tn., a classic rock station. So from East Tennessee, Rock On Joe Elliott!!

BangorJo commented on a News 01/11/14 2014 05:43:06 PM

Wish I had seen him when they opened for Billy Squier in Portland, Maine back in the 80's! Gone but not forgotten...