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Kellie Trentham commented on a News 03/15/14 2014 12:38:11 PM

Joe I want to tell you thank you for your awesome radio show. Not only do you play wonderful music but it's also a learning experience for me too. I look forward to your show every week. Thank you again! Love, Kellie

betty1betty2 commented on a News 03/14/14 2014 05:46:05 PM

YAY!!! It's really great to see others appreciate Def Leppard, and for "Slang" to get a fresh chance to shine. I think when it was originally released, it was a bit ahead of its time anyway.

whynotplay commented on a Photo 03/14/14 2014 03:38:40 AM

OMG this brings back memories. Reminds me of when I saw them in Charlevoix Michigan - Castle farms. (aug 3rd, 1988). Although I am from Canada we made every effort to travel so that I could see my number one band.

whynotplay commented on a Photo 03/14/14 2014 03:25:27 AM

As a teen and a fan of Def Leppard, I recall sitting around listening to their music and actually drawing this album cover on a jean vest.

PeterM commented on a Tour 03/13/14 2014 01:44:23 AM

My first concert was seeing Def Lep when they were opening for Billy Squire (April 1st, 1983). I don't see that date here on the list, but I do have my ticket stub still ! :)
It was a great show! They blew Billy off the stage. Half of the audience left after DL's hour long opening slot set. Ah.....good memories....

Karen Shappard commented on a News 03/12/14 2014 01:20:58 AM

I love this song! What beautiful lyrics!

Karen Shappard commented on a News 03/12/14 2014 01:17:50 AM

I love this song! I love any Leppard song, but I agree with Joe best,yet!

runriot1987 commented on a News 03/11/14 2014 06:22:21 PM

Beautiful song. <3