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FLNavymom commented on a News 07/25/14 2014 03:18:16 AM

Saw you in West Palm Beach on 7/22/2014! You rock! I loved the comment at the end of the show " Thank you for remember us and we will always remember you" This shows real appreciation for your fan base! Can't wait until you come to our area again!

Irene Skidmore commented on a Tour 07/23/14 2014 08:04:44 PM

Cant make it this tour see u on the new album tour! :-)

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 07/22/14 2014 04:21:27 AM

It's wonderful to hear that you guys are having such a great time. Please take care! I'm so happy that you guys are putting stuff on here it helps especially for us fans who can't make it to this tour. God bless! love, Kellie

Julie Horton Ioannou commented on a Photo 07/22/14 2014 03:16:46 AM

Great photo! Love the jacket : )

Tommi Palo commented on a Photo 07/21/14 2014 08:28:24 PM

gorgeous picture of the band.

Tommi Palo commented on a Album 07/21/14 2014 07:58:36 PM

You sound like a GUITY SONG AND HYSTERIA love and affection biisiltä please call the song in Finland and also europaassa and fans can also look forward to Finland last gig you were in 2008. Tommi

Tommi Palo commented on a Album 07/21/14 2014 07:51:15 PM

Euphoria is at home and promises a good melodic hard rock song and goodbye is a godsend for girls.Tommi

Tommi Palo commented on a Photo 07/21/14 2014 07:31:22 PM

JOE! you are really a good person even think of the band members even Rick few can keep the band together and help ystäviä.usein how to stop the action of the bands onnettumuutta if something would happen. you and DEF LEPPARD are my role model and the world.TOMMI