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kentucky wants kiss and def leppard commented on a Tour 04/23/14 2014 03:47:55 AM

please come to lexington ky . lexington ky wants def leppard and kiss

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 04/23/14 2014 03:39:58 AM

Thank you so very much for doing all that you are doing to get these songs out there so everyone can share the love for this band and their music. The songs that I have heard already are amazing. I love the songs that I got to hear and see from Mott the Hoople on so i'm really excited to buy the Down n outz album to hear more of their music but with a extra special touch so Thanks Joe! Take care of yourself love, Kellie

Neil G Riley commented on a Video 04/21/14 2014 11:36:37 AM


Kellie Trentham commented on a News 04/20/14 2014 08:59:49 PM

Hello Joe, I always enjoy your radio show but this was so awesome because you played alot of the new down n outz songs. Which was so wonderful and your voice on the songs you did was awesome! Thanks so very much for sharing that with all of us. Take care! Kellie

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 04/20/14 2014 08:40:11 PM

Great interview! I wanted to say that I bet it is a dream come true to be able to sing and play the songs that is so much apart of your life. And also to get those songs out there again to be honest and please I don't mean no disrespect by saying this but I really never heard these songs before. I love them! So thanks again!

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 04/15/14 2014 03:23:27 AM

Loved this interview but I was wondering about something and hopefully maybe someone could answer my question. I was wondering if fans can't get down n outz albums where they live at the stores and they don't have any way to download it either if the fans could purchase the albums some other way? But see it's all your fault that I started listening to Mott the Hoople. :) That's a good thing thanks! I can't find any of their music either. So thankful for youtube! :) Thank you!

6Scorpio9 commented on a News 04/15/14 2014 02:00:35 AM

What a fabulous idea!! I love that two courageous and well deserving vets will get a chance for such an exciting experience of a lifetime.

Michael S. Galka commented on a News 04/14/14 2014 11:18:31 AM

It will not show me the meet and greet option when I purchase tickets what do I do?