lepxs commented on a News 04/05/14 2014 05:51:56 AM

Cool interview :)

Kellie Trentham commented on a News 04/05/14 2014 04:02:30 AM

Hello Joe I want to tell you that you are so very right about when people would listen to Down n Outz version of the songs. That they would want to listen to the original band that come up with the music. That's what I have been doing.so thank you. You are so awesome to know so much about music. Oh and about Def Leppard new music i'm sure it will be amazing as always! Thanks again! God bless you! Kellie

pjames6 commented on a News 04/03/14 2014 09:57:11 AM

joe's impression of gene is just soooo sexy!!!!! x

6Scorpio9 commented on a News 04/03/14 2014 01:44:42 AM

Re: this and Viv's interview bit. Thanks for sharing. I could just hear you guys go on about anythin for hours. :) TTM

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