Thank You Cincinnati .... (from Joe Elliott)

Jul 28 2011 - 17:04

By now most of you will know that my Father passed away after a long illness, on July 7th, aged 81. This is why some of our shows have been rescheduled, & quite frankly, why I might have been "off my game" recently, & for that I can only apologise. Going into the rehearsals & tour, even with a sick Father's blessing, is a lot harder than I imagined it to be, & through all the jokes & smiles during interviews & indeed up on stage, there's an inherent  sadness & worry you just can't shake ... and as we like to say, you can't unscramble an egg, .... it IS hard to deal with, but you all know, we are the kings of getting on with it, so we shall prevail, .... which brings me back to the title of this piece ....

Last night was the first show back after the enforced break, the first show I've ever done without a Father, & can I say to the good people of Cincinatti Ohio, THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT THAT LITTLE BIT EASIER TO DEAL WITH BY BEEING "SO" GOOD !!! ... I'll admit, I ran out of gas last night, by Photograpth I had nothing left to give ... it WAS emotional, yes, but it was over 100 degrees on stage too, which didn't help either, but you guys carried me over the last part of the show on a wave of goodwill that I will never forget !! I had to get the first show, wherever it might have been, out of the way, to help me move on as it were, & after experiencing a reception like we did last night I wouldn't have wanted it anywhere else !!! .... I hope the rest of the shows are as good, and I'm sure they will be, but for now, last night emotionally at least has help[ed my through the hardest few weeks of my life, & I thank you all for that.

Also, I thank everyone who has sent condolence messages to my Mum and me, mainly through the Planet Rock account, way too many to reply to, so please take this as a great big THANK YOU !! ... my old man would be well proud !!! ...  as he was when I photographed him sat on Rick's Kit at the Don Valley Stadium gig back in 1993, the photograph below is something I thought I'd like to share with you all .....

Once again, thank you all so very much for your support over these last few very difficult weeks ...

Love & peace,
Joe Elliott





Dee Sess 07/28/11 2011 05:22:12 PM

You guys were amazing last night! I had a blast!

Annafree505 07/28/11 2011 05:37:28 PM

Joe, you have nothing to apologize for. For those of us who have already lost one or both parents, we all understand what it was for you to take that stage last night! I, for one, lost it when you pointed to your dad in Heaven after Love Bites. It will get easier but you will still have days of "I can't believe he's gone". I still do and my dad has been gone 10 years now. Hang in there and ROCK ON!!

Andy Given 07/28/11 2011 06:10:45 PM

Ive been there sir.

You never forget the pain, You just get used to it.
Rock on and hope to see u in Wales.

- Leppmix (Andy G)

ptre69 07/28/11 2011 06:35:58 PM

We are so glad that you are back.I know it's hard after suffering a loss like this, but your dad is ever proud of you. Always and forever. Remember like family your true fans will always be behind you, and we will show our love and support in any way we can. Take care forever in our hearts are the entire Leppard family (this includes your familys too)!
Can't wait to see you in Saratoga on August 2nd!

Malee10 07/28/11 2011 06:44:13 PM

Thank you for sharing something so personal. I hope each passing day becomes a little easier for you and your mother. Give yourselves time to heal and take care of yourselves. Those of us over here in Saratoga Springs are looking forward to offering you the same support as our fellow fans did in Cincinnati!

rugdnit 07/28/11 2011 07:03:33 PM

Joe! You have been there for us for so many years. Through everything you guys have stuck together-- I am sure there were times it was not easy! You guys have never given up on us. We will be there for you-- let us help carry some of the load. I will see you guys in Sept! RUGDNIT?

Brittany Parsons 07/28/11 2011 07:07:20 PM

You guys put on an AMAZING show in Cincy last night, as always. Losing a parent is probably the hardest thing to go through in life, but having support of friends and family will help you get through it. You'll never get over it, but slowly, day by day, life gets a little easier. It was an honor to be in the audience last night and it's so good to see you back on the road. Thanks for the awesome show; can't wait to see you again. <3

TTB 07/28/11 2011 07:19:00 PM

Bless you Joe. I was at the show last night. For as dreadful as the heat was and the emotions you were (all) feeling, you were all on fire!! Each of you individually and collectively have not only given us the best music of our generation, but you have shown us that the only way thru the hard times is really THRU them. That is a testament to all of you and the character of the band. It is inspiring and a great reminder for the rest of us to "Git R Done". Thank you for sharing so much of your lives with us-the good and the bad. Thoughts and prayers will continue to flow your way :) and thank you again for a truly memorable evening under such trying circumstances.

retro 07/28/11 2011 07:30:42 PM

the love's coming from Philly too

pskline77 07/28/11 2011 07:49:00 PM

My husband and I had the pleasure of being at the Cincinnati show last night, our third Def Leppard concert. I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. Having just lost my own dad last August, I can understand how difficult last night must have been for you. The weather certainly didn't help -- we were sweating buckets in the audience, so I have no idea how you guys gave such an awesome performance what with the heat, humidity, plus all those stage lights. It was truly an honor to have been there last night and we will most certainly come to see Def Leppard the next time you're in the area.

pskline77 07/28/11 2011 07:53:19 PM

My husband and I had the pleasure of being at the Cincinnati show last night, our third Def Leppard concert. I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing. Having just lost my own dad last August, I can understand how difficult last night must have been for you. The weather certainly didn't help -- we were sweating buckets in the audience, so I have no idea how you guys gave such an awesome performance what with the heat, humidity, plus all those stage lights. It was truly an honor to have been there last night and we will most certainly come to see Def Leppard the next time you're in the area.

skunau2264 07/28/11 2011 07:53:57 PM

I've been a fan since 1981 and last night's show was the best I've ever seen. You and the band were truly amazing despite the sadness and loss you've had. We were near the front and could see and feel your emotions. I nearly lost both of my parents last year to illness but thankfully both are still here. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Our prayers will be with you as you guys continue on the remainder of the tour.

Lepplady 07/28/11 2011 08:00:09 PM

Nothing to apologize for, mate. You've handled yourself admirably through a very difficult time in your life. We're here to support you and hope only for the very best for you and your family. I'm sure that your dad is smiling down on you every gig you play, proud of his son eternally.
Hugs and blessings.

Jennifer Gummo Livermore 07/28/11 2011 08:19:03 PM

I was at the show last night and it was truely awesome and I felt honored to be there!!! We love you Joe!!

Allison Shireman Kueber 07/28/11 2011 08:20:16 PM

As a die-hard, true blue, 100% through and through Def Leppard fan, I have to say how fortunate I was to witness the show last night in Cincy. The first day back on the job after losing a cherished loved one is very hard, and on my drive up to the show I wondered how it would be for you. I could tell it was tough at times, and at the end of the show when you sat down and Rick came off the drums and hugged you, I realized the true reason why I love this band. I'm so glad that you felt all the love and support from the fans last night and I am honored to have been one of the many there that care for you. Safe travels and see you back out on the road soon. Allison

Stephanie Meeks 07/28/11 2011 08:32:21 PM

Oh Joe, my thoughts and prayers have been with you. I'm sure your father was a wonderful, wonderful man. I know he's smiling, looking proudly down on his son. You're a very strong person, Joe. I love you, the band and look forward to seeing you August 3rd in Holmdel, NJ. Good luck with the rest of the tour!

mustang01 07/28/11 2011 08:52:38 PM

Thank You!!! Joe....You are amazing, not a lot of people could be doing what you are now with such little time you took for you and your family. Please know we ALL love and appreciate you hitting the road again so soon. I wish all that we feel for you each and every show could ease the hurt, the only thing will be time now and getting to know a new normal, which sucks, but will come one day. Much Love and appreciation........

Tiffany Cook Stapleton 07/28/11 2011 09:07:01 PM

My heart goes out to you! I know how you feel, I lost my dad when I was 11yrs old. Whether you're 11 or 70 it's still hard loosing a parent. I as well was at last nights Cincinnati show and this being the 6th time seeing you guys, you were still AWESOME! As you know the pain will prevail. I still think of my dad everyday, as I know you will. No appologies for being emotional. It just shows you're a real person and you hurt just like anyone else.... I love you guys! And have loved you since I was 3! I will see you when you're back in Cincy!

Again Great show!!!!!

Elizabeth Ward 07/28/11 2011 09:07:53 PM

Joe, from the moment I heard your father was ill to the moment I heard he passed I was sincerely heartbroken for you. Sadly, I know exactly what you’re going through because since February my dad has had some of the same medical issues as your father. My prayers have been with you and still are. Remember us fans are always here for you rooting you on! Can’t wait to see you August 20th in Burgettstown! All my love, Elizabeth.

vickie54 07/28/11 2011 09:37:12 PM

i was at the cincy show last night and def leppard was amazing, and joe you were awesome. joe keep the faith. you will get throught this i know it is hard but you will get through it, you are a very strong man and i know that your band mates will help you too, you guys always stick together through thick and thin. i love def lappard and i always will. keep rocking and i will see you in cincy next time, and there will be a next time because i will never forget you.

Denny Bean 07/28/11 2011 09:39:37 PM

all right...see you in new york....lets rock! thank you

Charm Savage 07/28/11 2011 09:56:05 PM

We all understand and can't help but share your sadness, losing a parent is the hardest thing . . . my mum passed when I was young. Prayers and love in this most difficult time. You and your father were blessed with the love and time you had. His love and pride for you will always be there. Thank you for all you all have given us, your fans. Please take the time to be good to yourselves, work may need to be done but you still need time for yourself and your families.

P.S What a wonderful picture of your father and how happy and proud he is!

ILuvtheLep 07/28/11 2011 10:07:10 PM

Joe- I have been mourning with you and thinking about you and hoping you are well. I knew that something must have been going on in your life and then found out here a few weeks ago. I saw you guys (again) on July 2 and then was going to the Sarasota Springs, NY show soon after, but it is rescheduled to August 2nd, the day after our birthday!!! You and I both share August 1st and I will see you the next day!!!! I have 8th row! I am so excited!!!! I really hope that all your fans and family and friends will help you through your loss. We are here for you!!! I can't wait to see you again on next Tuesday Aug 2nd!!! I've been a fan since I first saw you way back when on MTV in the early 80's and you guys have always always always been my favorite band!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you!!! See you soon! You sound and look AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU, JOE ELLIOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have waited 30 years to meet you!!!!!!

Brenda Guild 07/28/11 2011 10:07:24 PM

Joe, welcome back! Youall rock and we look forward to you and the band in San Antonio. Your fans are all here for you and support you 100% no matter what! Bless you and your family and we continue to send prayers and thoughts that you all may gain strength in the months/years to come. Thanks for sharing so openly with your fans! We love you Joe!

Jeremey 72 07/28/11 2011 10:11:30 PM

Joe you sounded amazing last night just like you always do. Thank you guys for a awesome show it was my 12th and I had my 9 year old there it was his 2nd we were 2 rows back from the end stage he was amazed by how close we were. Your Dad would be proud of the awesome job you did last night.

slang67 07/28/11 2011 10:14:18 PM


I was at the Milwaukee show and you did an amazing job, so never fear, you did your Dad proud! It's been said several times here already, you guys have been there for us, and we're here for you. Take care tonight in Chicago, as we have very high humidity here, too (which you should already know by now!)

Linda Folgers 07/28/11 2011 10:15:32 PM

Big HUGS, Joe!!!!! No worries, you were great at Summerfest. Wish I could see you guys again. Maybe next year. Take care and we love you all.

Susan Carter Buckley 07/28/11 2011 10:15:50 PM

Joe I lost both parents so I hope you or any of the guys ever feel like you have to apologize for having a life or any kind of family emergency. Although the fact that you did just shows what an amazing person you are....all of you guys are!! I was so sad to hear about your Dad and you and your Mom....and all the guys, were in my thoughts and prayers. I am so happy you are back and you have support from all your fans everywhere. I have been through some really tough times and you guys are an inspiration, not just through your music but the way you deal with all of it. I can't wait to see you in New Orleans :) Good luck for the rest of the tour and stay safe <3

Amanda Belfy 07/28/11 2011 10:19:35 PM

I have been a fan since I was a young girl. When Sugar came out as a single and video my true love for Def Leppard started. Last night in Cincinnati was my first Def Leppard show ever and it was by far the best concert I have ever been to. I look forward to seeing you all again and again as long as you keep touring! Joe, god bless you and you did awesome given all that you've been through recently. The whole band did great rocking out in only true Def Leppard fashion given that dreadful heat and humidity. True love for Def Leppard will continue for me forever and many great thoughts, love and prayers to you Joe and your family always. Def Leppard...Keep On Rocking!! <3

Kara L. Brinkman 07/28/11 2011 10:20:10 PM

Blessing to you and your family Joe - thank you, as always, for sharing so much of your life with us. It is a hard road to lose a parent and keep going, but you are a survivor and your family, friends and fans are all here for you!

Janet Hader-Kincaid 07/28/11 2011 10:26:56 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Saw the show in Tampa and Atlanta, and saw you last night, as always you put on a great show. I will be seeing the show in Sturgis in August, and I am sure it will be agreat show...your father will be proud of you....

God Bless you and your family...and extended family...Def Leppard Rocks.

Amanda Belfy 07/28/11 2011 10:27:30 PM

I finally got to see Def Leppard last night in my hometown of Cincinnati after being a fan since I was at least 7 years old. I've waited almost 25 years and finally got to "live the dream" and see you all perform live. You all as a group put on an awesome show. Joe you were amazing and even after going through all you have recently with the loss of your father (may he rest in peace and look down on you always with love) you still came out and gave Cincinnati a show to remember. This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. I cannot wait to see if you will be touring again next year and many many more years to come. Keep on rocking and touring and giving us one hell of a show last night in that heat and humidity!!

Much love to Def Leppard always!

yvettevigil 07/28/11 2011 10:34:00 PM

I just lost the most important man in my life as well.. the pain gets dull after awhile but the memories will become clearer and more special! You guys rock and your true fans do not need an apology!

Michelle Webb Reckner 07/28/11 2011 10:40:04 PM

I can't imagine the pain of losing a parent. Bless you, and please take care of yourself and your mom.

ossie1927 07/28/11 2011 10:40:20 PM

Your father must be so very proud of you.

sasdef87 07/28/11 2011 10:45:29 PM

It was an honor and privilage for me to be there last night. I always have a great time at a Def Leppard concert. But to be a part of something that special makes me appreciate you all so much more. I can't say anymore than what TTB has said
Thank You so much for entertaining us for so long even after such a terrible lost, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mother
love sasdef

Beth Startt 07/28/11 2011 10:48:28 PM

Dear Joe Im truly sorry to hear about your Father. I know how you feel the passing of someone so close to you. My beloved Mother In-Law passed away on May 27, 2011 and then on June 12, 2011 My Mother joined my Mother In-law. They passed within a two week period. The greef was def. hard. But with friends and family they really helped. Now they have a special place in my heart. Joe you have your family as well as your friends and fans to help you thru your journey. I wanted to say also I saw your show at Hershey and had taken my yougnest son (18) to that show. And WE ALL ROCKED I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Beth From Delaware

ssears051566 07/28/11 2011 10:48:38 PM


The concert, in Cincinnati, despite the heat, was amazing last night. You guys never, and I mean never, disappoint! I know what you are going through. My father would be the same age as yours, but mine passed over 9 years ago. I know it was tough for you, but seeing you guys perform last night, knowing how you were feeling, makes us love you guys even more. It gets easier Joe! It never goes completely away, but it does get easier! Godspeed to your continued tour and as you always say, "Don't ever forget us (dad's included), and we'll never forget you!!!!!!!!


Lori A. Lucas Robinson 07/28/11 2011 10:51:36 PM

God Bless You! Having lost my own father last year, I know exactly how you feel. Just know you have hundreds of thousands of fans who love you and continue to send prayers and best wishes your way. I cannot wait to see you guys in 15 days :-)

Rose_63 07/28/11 2011 10:56:00 PM

I too know how much it hurts to lose a parent Joe, my Father, passed away this past March, three weeks before his 81st Birthday. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with. They say it gets better with time. I have my good days and my bad days, but I somehow get through and so will you. I am glad to see you are back doing what you Love, and I hope you know your fans will be here for you and your family all the way, through thick and thin. See you on August 3rd.

Love and Blessing

dfrn2112 07/28/11 2011 11:03:24 PM

Joe, Phil, Sav, Viv, and Rick....THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWESOME SHOW LAST NIGHT!!!! As many have already said, it was so hard for you, especially Joe, to come out and perform for us so soon after your tragic loss. We all know that the heat was horrendous and we thank you for continuing to rock us out. I was right in the pit, up close and personal enough to see the sweat just dripping off of you guys. Thank the Lord that he kept you all safe and hydrated enough to continue! We will NEVER forget the most emotional show we've ever seen you guys perform! You were all awesome, AS ALWAYS! Hopefully, we'll continue to see you for many more years of rockin' out to come! BTW Phil, I met your beautiful wife, Helen, at the All Access party and she is just as awesome as you! What a beautiful couple!! Keep on Rockin' , my prayers of comfort and safety are with you all! THANK YOU!!!!
Deanna Floyd, Indianapolis, IN

Tina Cooley Edmondson 07/28/11 2011 11:07:00 PM

Joe, you and the rest of the band were AWESOME last night, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for, you guys ROCKED THE HOUSE! I am sorry about your father, and I wish you many blessings and comfort as you mourn his passing. Looking forward to your return to Cincinnati, need to go buy the new Mirror Ball album, thoroughly enjoyed the new song Undefeated! God bless and take care. Tina.

RedRocket 07/28/11 2011 11:07:58 PM

This is why I love this band, all of you are so strong! I really hope Joe feels better now, it makes me really happy to know that he realized that we his fans are supporting him.
Knowing that they enjoy the shows they give make me so happy and so proud of being their fan. I've wanted to see Def Leppard live, I've wanted to be at the first row on a Def Leppard's concert. But I live in South America and I'm only 16, so I haven't had the chance yet. I'll wait for them patiently, 'cuz reading things like this worth it.

Lilpaws 07/28/11 2011 11:22:59 PM

Sending a hug your dad passed away in June of this month as well. I feel as you do, sad yet filled with great memories of him. You mentioned that "Mott the Hoople" is your favorite band. I took a listen to them and found a song of theirs (Rest in Peace) that I would like to dedicate to my dad. It makes me cry-yet smile at the same time. This first verse says it all... "Oh if my wheel could take another turn, And if my life replaced itself again, I wouldn't want a single thing to change....Oh it's been good, though it's been strange."

Thanks for sharing the picture of your dad.. very sweet...and thank you for making music that touches my heart.

midge22 07/28/11 2011 11:27:42 PM

Joe, I'm glad to hear you were able to pull off last night's show with the rest of the guys. I think it should get easier with each successive gig. Remember that mouring is a process and takes time. There will be ok times and hard times (it may sneak up on you at the oddest times.) but just know that first and foremost your friends and family are there for you (always) and so are all your fans. Someone will always be there for you on this trip, just don't forget about your mum, she's also on this trip; comfort each other. God bless both of you! Michelle R.

NYCGEE 07/28/11 2011 11:49:01 PM

Dearest Joe,

You have nothing to apologize for. I pray & hope that your memories with your father get you through this most difficult time. While I'm glad your back on the tour I hope that you know your fans are true to you and will understand if some nights are harder than others. I will be awaiting your arrival in NY with my son who is going to his first concert finally because he always said it had to be you guys!

Much love & peace, keep rockin. Your dad has not left you, he is your angel now with you at all times!

Grisel, NY

Candy Kellem 07/28/11 2011 11:49:14 PM

Joe, I am so sorry for your loss. Prayers are with you and your mom for you to find comfort and strength during this very hard time. I lost my father many years ago so I can relate to the pain and loss you are feeling. I have been a fan of Def Leppard for over 25 years and I wish I was able to come see one of your shows this year, but my husband & I are both unemployed and we are just trying to hang onto our house. So I have been watching what I can online and you guys are AWESOME!!!! I may not be able to be there at a show but I'm sending you my support online. KEEP ROCKING!!

debbievanluven 07/28/11 2011 11:54:48 PM

I understand exactly how you feel. I lost my father 6 years ago.
I have been a fan of yours and the band from the very beginning.
I have been to 2 of your concerts and I am looking forward to seeing you and the band perform again with Heart in Toronto, Tues. Aug. 16. You put on an amazing show both times and I know you will be absolutely fantastic again. Just think of your Dad looking down at you from Heaven where he is at peace with God and how proud he must be of you.

Trlaws 07/29/11 2011 12:00:11 AM

My heart goes out to you and your family. I was a daddy's girl and lost my father a few years ago. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jeff Leppard 07/29/11 2011 12:15:04 AM

Joe you and the rest of the band mean so much to alot of people -Def Leppard has been there for me my whole life -my brother forced Def Leppard on me -you have been a part of my life ever since I was 7 years old -im now 34 and will see you guys again in St Louis in 13 days -Ive never met Joe Elliot but ive met most of the band --Joe is My idol and most favorite rock star ever --I have all access passes for the show -it would be a dream come true If Joe Elliot could show up at the pre show party to meet the person I have admired and loved as a boy with a dream and as a 34 old boy still holding on to his favorite band

Shirley D Verner 07/29/11 2011 12:21:00 AM

I'm glad things went as they did in Cincy and that you are on the road to recovery. He will be there in everything you do and he is smiling a big smile. Know that many of us understand and that we are behind you. Looking forward to an outstanding show in Pgh. in a couple weeks.

Athena Whittaker 07/29/11 2011 12:24:32 AM

Was at the Cincinnati show on July 27th 2011 and was at the show 2 years ago as always it was awesome will e at every show you do in Cincinnati till the end.

RedPlaidCookies 07/29/11 2011 12:26:16 AM

You've been in my thoughts ever since I heard about your dad's passing. I hope that you will feel the love Sunday night! Can't wait to see you at Jiffy Lube Live (such a stupid name for a venue).

Nicole Sikes Boyles 07/29/11 2011 12:29:14 AM

Joe, my heart and prayers go out to you and your mother with your recent loss of your father. I lost both my parents 22 months apart 3 years ago (at the age of 34-- that sucked!!) and I know how hard it is to get back into everyday life. Your first show, like my first day back at work, is the hardest but you survived it and were blessed with love from all of us. I have been sending prayers your way for that resaon because I know how hard it was for me. I have had your mother and yourself in my thoughts and prayers ever day! There will be hard days but they will get easier in time. Your father will always be with you in your heart and will be smiling down at you from heaven. hugs and kisses to you, your mom, and your family! We all love you!!! Nicole -Keep the faith!

school of rock 67 07/29/11 2011 12:30:24 AM

Mr. Elliott, I don't know how you feel yet, my parents are still with me, but I can only imagine the hole my heart will be left with, when they're gone.....
Mr. Elliott Sr. did a good job raising his only son, and that's pretty much all a parent can ask for. May he be in the presence of God looking after you, your mom, wife and son....
God bless you.

Shelley Gorham Catanzaro 07/29/11 2011 12:32:06 AM

You guys were fantastic last night. Have been to see you guys since the 80's quite a few times, and the ONLY other time I was more impressed was the first year after Rick's accident when he did the most amazing drum solo I have EVER seen in my life! I am glad that you felt loved by Cincinnati, because you are and it was amazing.

On a personal note, I lost my mom when I was young, and have lost way too many loved ones to count. The only way I can describe what you will feel is to say the grief and pain are like waves, you start off on the beach going out to sea, the waves hit hard and often as you are going out to sea. The further you get out to sea, the less hard they seem to hit and they are further apart. Every once in a while a storm will kick them up again, but remember the waves are always there, they never go away, and that is because the Love we have for the ones we miss is always there too, and the loss of their Love will never be replaced.

I am sending to you, your family (of course that includes the entire band because after 34 years, hell yes they are family) and all of your father's loved ones positive and healing Love.

Shelley Catanzaro
Springboro, OH

Kathy Redcher-Bowling 07/29/11 2011 12:59:29 AM

xoxo I'm going through the same thing losing my dad on Memorial Day. I am looking forward to the CA shows to get my happy on!

loriryder 07/29/11 2011 01:05:57 AM

Saw you guys in Scranton, PA on June 29 and you did not miss a beat as always. Did not seem "off your game" at all. So sorry about your Dad and the pain you are feeling now. Surely he is very proud of you!! This band has so much strength and perseverence. Truly amazing. One of the things that has drawn me to you all of the years I have been a fan. If you keep on coming out- I promise I will too!! God bless you and your family through this difficult time. And thank you guys for entertaining us and being there for us- we will always be here for you too!! Much love, Lori R.

johnedj 07/29/11 2011 01:06:55 AM

Joe, you guys sounded great. I'm glad to hear we may have helped you with the healing process. your music has been there for us and has helped me get through many tough times over the years. You would be surprised how therapeutic it is to get in your car, crank up High N Dry and head bang through the whole CD. I just wish I still had my long hair, it makes the head banging much more effective. Thanks again and keep rockin'

Stacey Stephens Lenington 07/29/11 2011 01:27:09 AM

I heard you all totally rocked lastnight!!
Hang in there Joe, I been there, it does get easier, big hugs to you

Gina Osterberger-Sergent 07/29/11 2011 01:28:01 AM

Was at the show last night in Cincy, it was awesome. I almost didn't make it because I lost my Mom in May of this year. She wasn't just my Mom but my best friend. After 28 years of being a faithful Leppard fan and never ever missing a show within several hours driving distance, I finally bought tickets online just weeks before the show. When we got there we found we were in the front. I felt a little guilty at first like I should not have been there. But then the show started and for those couple of hours I didn't feel as sad.
but just as you, it was my first show without my best friend to call the next day and tell all. I have never met you in person but last night, I wanted to grab you and just cry with you. Right now we have a lot in common. I wish you all the best. If ever I get the chance, I owe you and the rest of the guys a big fat hug! Thanks for being there for me for the last 28 years. Lots of Luv to you all!

rhondarnne 07/29/11 2011 01:32:27 AM

Joe, you accomplished a major milestone in the grief process. Just ride the wave of the ups and downs. I admire you, I wouldn't have been able to pull it together. Rely on your friends and family on bad days. Your dad will be with you and watching his gifted son doing what he loves. God bless you and your mum!

Misty Cone Johnson 07/29/11 2011 01:50:43 AM

Joe, you are an inspiration I lost my dad almost a year ago and I haven't found peace yet but after reading what you did last night and def leppard's music has helped lots! Thank You

Angi Barbrey-Smith 07/29/11 2011 02:09:43 AM

Joe, I lost my mother in 2000 from a life long illness called Epidermolysis Bullosa, it doesn't matter the circumstance or age, it's life altering to lose a parent. For you to be able to get on with as you say, is commendable and I look forward to seeing you in Bristow, Va. You were my first concert when I was 15 and I will never forget it, you sang to me. I am sure you're father is looking on from above and is extremely proud of the man you are today and the forewithall you exude by pushing on in this great time of depair where lesser men would not move on. Kudos to you and love to your mom.

macamel43 07/29/11 2011 02:23:20 AM

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the truly amazing show you all put on in Cincinnati last night. I have been a long time fan, and this was my first Def Leppard was an experience I will never forget!!!! Thanks again for a great night!!!!

Angi Barbrey-Smith 07/29/11 2011 02:27:57 AM

You're father is proud. No worries. To be able to get up and move on is commendable. I lost my mother in 2000 from a lifelong illness called Epidermolysis Bullosa. It doesn't matter the age or circumstance it is still life altering. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday inBristow, Va. Be assured that your dad is looking on from above and is truly proud of you and they way you have handled situations thrown at you, not only now but through the years. You have done well.

macamel43 07/29/11 2011 02:31:37 AM

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the truly amazing show you all put on last night in Cincinnati. I have been a long time fan, and this was my first Def Leppard concert. It was an experience I will never forget!!!! Thanks again for a great night!!!!

Annie Scarborough 07/29/11 2011 02:34:17 AM

Dear Joe: My name is Annie. I am a big fan of yours, music is a big part of my life, its helped me through a lot of rough times. Like where love & Hate Collide & Long Long way to go are two that has helped me a lot. Me & my parents never got allong. They dumped me on my grandparents & took off when I was little. But I was some what closer to my dad, he was around some when I was growing up. But he got real sick with bone canser and died 4 days before christmas 3 yrs ago. I never imagined it would be so hard, but it hit me so hard! I still can't believe hes gone. Long long ways to go is my song that I listen to alot on my bad days when I'm missing him. Christmas will never be the same for me! It still hurts so bad because I have absloutely no one but my cat. I don't have my mom, we haven't talked since we had a major fight over 3 yrs ago. So I know how hard it is to lose your dad. It hurts worce than anything! I wish everyday for him back. I don't know if this pain will ever end. So don't feel guilty for grieveing for your dad. I will keep you & your mom in my prayers. Remember you dad loved you & I know its hard not to, but he wouldn't want you to be sad for him. He'll be with you, he will live on through your memorys you shared with him & the love you have for him and he'll be watching over you everyday, take confort in that. Love always, Annie.

tmsantee1 07/29/11 2011 02:42:04 AM

Thank you so much for sharing your kind words to us and know that we as fans want nothing but the best for you all. I don't know what its like to loose a parent, but I do know what it's like to loose a loved one. I am sure that you will share memories and pictures with your son when he is old enough to understand them. I am truly sorry for your loss and I applaud you for coming back on tour after such a loss. Friends and family (and us fans) will certainly be there for you and I am proud to be a Def Leppard fan for all these years. Keep rockin and look forward to seeing you in Darien Center, NY in August. Know that your father is watching down on you smiling and will always look after you and yours. Keep the faith <3

Toni S.

April Everett 07/29/11 2011 02:42:31 AM

Joe, You have LITERALLY written a song in my heart that marks every event in MY personal history...all of my life, I have admired your strengths, which are TOO many to list. It is your personal dedication to your calling in this life. You have brought me much pride, much joy, so much love, so many smiles...and YOU make me fell "12" again over and over and over...
Thank you for being strong, and showing me how it's done. As a band and as individual human beings with great personal strengths that symbolize the power of the inner self that keep you young forever and the humility and gratitude to the ones who helped to get you where you are. Through and through you are all heroes! Rock on! ... and I still say he only reason I never married Joe Elliott is because we have not met yet!!! See you soon!

luvcatz7 07/29/11 2011 02:47:01 AM

Dear Joe,

You have NOTHING to apologize for. Even during the best of times, not everyone is on their "A" game. It must of been really hard to prepare for a tour or tour with that. I admire you for that, because I would not have been able to.

And I'm glad that you are back on the road again. Your Father would be proud of you.


Mark Hartman 07/29/11 2011 02:49:54 AM

JOE ,YOU GUYS KICKASS LASTNIGHT AT RIVERBEND CINCY OHIO Joe sound like you was sing to your dad ,,,,,,,,, all your song was coming form your heart ,,,,,,,,,,i think everbody in heaven was dancing last night with your dad and my mom and sister and my godchild byron that die in july11 in boating wreck , joe hang in there , music will heal your pain , so keep rockin,,,,, Bless you and mom and family

Jennifer Johnson 07/29/11 2011 03:12:13 AM

Im so sorry for your loss..Wish I could take away your pain.. Please keep doing what you are doing because you do it well!!! Im sure your dad was one proud man and he still is.. He will always be with you deep inside your heart.. I have listened to your music for years and it has brought me great joy when I needed it the most..I lost my best friend when I was 11 and listening to you guys has brought me through some dark times.. Im now 35 and your music still carries me through..
I was in Cincy last night and you guys rocked!!!!
Thank you!!! God bless you and your family!

heathen 07/29/11 2011 04:57:59 AM

Thank You Def Leppard for that AMAZING concert in Cincinnati, Ohio!!!
The energy pulsated clear up to the Heavens as all of Us devoted fans sang our lungs out to every word right along with You!!!

I bought my Friend (of decades) a ticket for her birthday...both our birthdays are in August and we had a great celebration!!!
But before we even left Cincinnati we were informed her Father was being taking to emergency room and is now in intensive care. i really believe the energy from this concert and Joe's inspiration will help her throught this difficult time.

At the concert I felt as though Joe's Father was definitly there...the mystery and magic of the River combined
with the amazing Spirit that is Def Leppard and the Fans very energetic was definitly the most
Spiritual, synchronistic and Inspirational concert I've ever been to!!!

Thank you Def Leppard!!!

deanna4244 07/29/11 2011 05:27:09 AM

Dear Joe,
as much as I appreciate the thank you for the condolences , we all love you and knew how much pain you were in. You never have to apologize to your true fans joe , we've all had bad shit happen to us, so we understand. last night i had so much fun at the concert , you were the pillar of strength and courage. And yes It was way too hot last night. I could see how much pain you were in but you made it great for all of us. I lost my dad six years ago and i still miss him every day. My dad was the funniest and nicest person. everyone loved my dad so I really understand how you feel. You guys rock and you will always be my favorite band EVER. Please take care of yourself and take time for yourself. with love , Deanna Taylor , centerville ohio

Starrbear71l 07/29/11 2011 06:14:46 AM

Wow Joe, thank you for sharing something so personal, and a big THANK YOU for acknowledging all of your fans and how much each condolence meant to you and your mom. I know that your Father was smiling down on you during and after the show. "US" Def Leppard fans will always be ready to "ROCK" as long as you stay "UNDEFEATED" This is going to be my first Def Leppard concert, been waiting for this since I was 13. We are ready to give you all the LOVE and SUPPORT as well as STRENGTH in Kansas City. You didn't "forget us" and we will never "FORGET YOU"
Until Then Sending You
Lots of Love <3 and Big <<>>

Jennifer L Steele 07/29/11 2011 06:20:25 AM

Joe,im so sorry about your father. I can only imagine what you are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with you,and I have been praying for you and your family since I heard. I was at your Hershey show, and you guys looked and sounded usual. I have seen Def Leppard 3 times so far and all 3 times you guys Rocked! I know it must have taken alot for you to get up on that stage and give your all...but I do know that you are a pro at what you do(u all are) and u love your fans..and believe me we return that love 10 times over. Anyway as Lep fan since1988, u have my love and support, always. God bless you guys

Sticky Sweet 07/29/11 2011 06:32:41 AM

Hi Joe, you are a true inspiration to me, thinking of you since the bad news came through, lost my dad couple of years ago, never had the chance to say goodbye. We are all right behind you. Love Marius(South Africa)

Paul Clark 07/29/11 2011 10:14:21 AM

From one Sheffield lad to another > I lost my dad three years ago and it's still fresh and I think about him everyday. I sang 'The Living Years' at my dads memorial and my sister did 'You Raise Me Up'.. We were able to do that as a tribute to our father. So when I sing that song I think about him, especially at that moment as there is now and always will be a link.. I know what Joe is going through, his dad will be with him with a silent whisper of encouragement and a loving touch, like the wind in the air.. There will be some comfort that Joe had the support of his dad and lives the dream and has met the aspirations that his father had for him. Just like any good parent would want for their child. Joe will honour his dad each time he's up there performing because that's what his dad wanted for him and that along with the support of fans will help him through this difficult time.. :)

Thelma 07/29/11 2011 11:04:15 AM


No need to apologize. When I lost my Father I took ten days off and came back without a job. So have been there and realize the emotions and just "missing him" feeling. It is hard to take. Just take care of yourself and will be thinking of you during your tour session.

khysteria 07/29/11 2011 01:12:32 PM

Dear Joe,
It's so nice to see letters from you on this website. It makes me so happy that we have a Rock Star we can communicate with! Right after hearing and feeling saddness for your loss, I found out my Dad has esophagus cancer....He is still young, but I know I do not have much longer with him. Just remember- We all love you very much because you are an inspiration to us all. See you soon in DALLAS. Love, Kelly :)

Stephie 07/29/11 2011 01:45:39 PM

Love and strength to you Joe.

trajolthunter 07/29/11 2011 04:05:42 PM

keep on truckin'.!...

Leapyear64 07/29/11 2011 05:41:13 PM


I saw you guys in Scranton on June 29th. The concert was great but I could tell by looking at you that something was wrong. I appreciate you apologizing to the fans, but I think it's more appropriate for us to THANK YOU. It would have been very easy to cancel the tour earlier than you did or cancel it altogether under the circumstances, but in true Def Leppard spirit you didn't take the easy way out. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and many other Def fans. May God be with you always.

Deanna S. (from the Poconos of Pa.)

Dimples 07/29/11 2011 06:15:09 PM

Joe, I lost my mom two months ago at the age of 83. I lost my dad 16 years ago at the age of 67 . . . and I completely understand what you are saying. I wish I didn't. You have nothing to apologize for. Losing a parent kicks you in the gut and you are never really the same afterwards. Your music has gotten me through some really hard times so I feel it is perfectly appropriate that you lean on us for a bit. Time does heal . . . take care. I will see you in Detroit (5 Star ILAA) on August 17th. Renee W.

Kimmie Karns Sander 07/29/11 2011 06:48:38 PM

I too attended the show in Cincy! I have missed very few shows in our area....Def Leppard has always been one of my faves since the 80's! Props to having Heart join the tour as well, they are OUTSTANDING and in my opinion, have gotten better over the years! As for Joe and his family issues with his father's passing...I feel for Joe 150%. I lost my father in 2007 to cancer, and haven't quite recovered. I was touched reading this "thank you" to Cincinnati, especially where he stated "...a lot harder than I imagined it to be, & through all the jokes & smiles during interviews & indeed up on stage, there's an inherent sadness & worry you just can't shake...". He hit the nail on the head right there. I think Joe and the entire band put on one HELLUVA show, one of the best I've seen in years in my opinion! I didn't see him running out of steam approaching Photograph, but perhaps it's because I was too busy rockin' out a mere 6 rows behind where the runway stage protruded into! Loved the show, loved the spirit and the energy, and most of all, love Joe and send many prayers to him and his family! Thank YOU for rocking our stage in 100 degree weather, it was OUR honor to have you!!!!!

RessaMiracle 07/29/11 2011 08:44:29 PM

No apologies needed Joe. THANK YOU and DEF LEPPARD for the many years of great rock! I've listened to Leppard for quite sometime and have had the biggest crush on you since I was 6 and i'm now 36 (insert laughter here....)You are truly an amazing and beautiful man inside and out! Keep your head up and know that you have a life-long following of adoring fans:))) Keep rockin''''

Mark Byron 07/29/11 2011 08:49:16 PM

Hey everyone - amazing show Wednesday night in Cincinnati with Def Leppard and Heart. I am a photographer for the local news and music scene in Cincinnati - and I was fortunate enough to have this show as one of my assignments this week. Take a look at the images from this great show on Cincinnati Metromix.

Here's a link-

calligirl1968 07/29/11 2011 09:25:54 PM

Joe, thank you for posting. I have much compassion for you and what you are going through. Def Leppard seems like close-knit family and I'm sure the loss of Joe Sr. has been difficult for the entire group. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the photograph of your dad. He looks like someone I would have enjoyed knowing.
Peace and Love to you and yours

Angie Brown 07/29/11 2011 11:12:56 PM

Hugs to you and your mom, Joe. I know getting back to work and life after such a loss is hard, but it's what your dad would have wanted for you. Thanks for allowing us fans to help you through this time. I know it isn't easy, I loss my mom almost two years ago and there are still times when I find myself in tears thinking about her but though they are no longer with us in body, their spirits are all around us.

Shelly Lacefield Sullivan 07/29/11 2011 11:13:57 PM

You guys made our night one worth waiting's been 3 years since we last saw you and it was worth EVERY second!! My condolences go out to you and your family and know the precious memories of your father will get you thru the rough weeks and months ahead.
Cannot wait to see you guys in Louisville, KY next month...YOU ROCK!!

Photograph89 07/29/11 2011 11:47:19 PM

I too lost my dad on 7/2/11 at the age of 79 following a heart attack and brief stay in the hospital after bypass surgery. I have been in a daze the last couple of weeks and I was suprised to learn of your dad's passing at your 7/28/11 show in Chicago. Your tribute to your dad was touching and it made me feel like I was in the right place at the right time. Hugs to you and your family as you go through this difficult time. Your dad would be was a GREAT show!

Jan Culter 07/30/11 2011 12:07:43 AM

Your sincerity came through throughout the show. I was in the second row stage left and saw you exhale deeply after a couple of songs....tough. You gave your fans more than a performance, you shared your compassion. How proud your Dad must have been that night, amongst all others. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us. God speed.

Anna Booth Haner 07/30/11 2011 12:26:44 AM

It's hard when you loose a loved one. We're all one big extended family, here to give you support you need. Give your Mum our love! Great pic of your Dad! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for doing what you do!!

savgirl78 07/30/11 2011 01:43:21 AM

Joe, having lost my Mom this past April I can tell you that nothing is harder than losing a parent. She was my rock and my best friend. I know it had to be extremely tough to get back up on stage so soon afterwards and I applaud you for it. I had tears in my eyes alot that night. My Mom and I shared a love of music too. Just know that no apology is needed. You rocked it as usual!! Just stay strong and know your Dad is in your heart and with you always. Love to you all!! -Gina

bubblelight 07/30/11 2011 07:03:57 PM

When the time comes for me to be in the position you're in right now, I wonder how I'll get through it. Your dad had to be so proud of you! And what a great picture of glad the fans in Cinci were terrific but then, excellence (Def Leppard) begets excellence (fans). You guys are A+ musicians and good men as well. I have yet to see another group that puts on as good of a show as DL and that is the reason that I save up my piano teaching money every year that you tour and get the closest seats that I possibly can because it's one hell of an inspirational evening that bleeds over into teaching my piano students all school year. Prayers for you and family...counting down the days 'till the Tulsa show!

Dana Rosner 07/31/11 2011 12:43:19 AM

Dear Joe, I live in Los Angeles so I wasn't there with you. But I had you in my heart that night. Plus I have seen small excerpts and spoke with my friends who were there about your remarkable and emotional show. You share so much love with us, which is one of your most precious qualities. And we will be there for you. Much, much love and see you soon in Universal City! Dana x

deffan 07/31/11 2011 12:45:11 AM

Joe, Sorry for the loss of ur dad. I lost my dad 30 yrs ago. So u were blessed to have had so much time with him. I would personally like to thank ur dad for all he did to get Def Leppard started. Ur music has gotten me thru some tough times. It always puts a smile on my face. Music and Dads are blessings from God. May ur dad RIP Its good to have u back and Ill be seeing you in Indy. God Bless.

Sheridan1576 07/31/11 2011 06:01:16 AM

Joe, from an Aussie fan who is so grateful that you guys are coming back - thank you for travelling so far away from home at such a difficult time to bring your awesome show to Australia. Love, support & prayers from Down Under....can't wait to see you guys in Brissey!

clep 07/31/11 2011 06:52:28 AM

Good to have ya back, Joe. My family and I are so sorry to hear about your Dad's passing. As an only kid myself, I'm pretty close to my dad. Sendin you and your family a big hug. We'll see you and the guys here in New Orleans in September. Love ya!

lfan07 07/31/11 2011 12:43:34 PM

Thank you for sharing the great pic of your Dad! You made him so proud! Prayers and blessing go out to you and your Mum.

Татьяна Матешук 07/31/11 2011 02:56:11 PM

Joe, I want to hold you by the hand, as in Milan in 2006........)))You so look like your father!!!!!

Katie Cramer 07/31/11 2011 04:33:07 PM

U and your dad must have done a lot together. I bet he was very proud of everything u done and for what u did. May him RIP.

Janet Lee 07/31/11 2011 05:49:11 PM

Thank you for sharing, and I am so very sorry for your loss. I was at the Jones Beach show last night. I have been a big fan for many years but never have been to a show and all I can say is I am floored by how amazing you guys were! It was very touching when you talked about your dad. It brought tears to my eyes. Keep strong and know your dad will always be with you! Love you guys <3

TnBelle62 07/31/11 2011 06:10:07 PM

I just want to extend my deepest sympathy and prayers to Joe on the passing of his father. Having lost mine several years ago, I know how much it must hurt and know without a doubt that only time will ease it. I hope,Joe, that you find comfort in the love and support of your family, friends, and,of course, all your fans. I hope that you and the rest of the band know how much you all mean to us. Tomorrow will be your first birthday without your Dad, I wish you all the happiness in the world and know that your Dad will always be with you in your heart. I want to thank all of Def Leppard for the great concert in Raleigh,NC. I drove 4 hours to see you guys and it was worth every minute of it. It was my second Def Leppard concert, and hopefully not my last. And now knowing about the emotional impact that your Father's illness surely had on you only makes the concert that much more special. Happy Birthday, Joe!!! And thank you all for 30+ years of great music!!! Take Care and God Bless!!!

shannons 08/01/11 2011 03:46:51 AM

Dear awesome Joe. We love you guys so much. There is no need to apologize. True Def Leppard fans understand how hard it was for you to come back so soon after loosing your dad. You and your mom are in my prayers, as is the rest of Def Leppard. You guys have brought me through so many hard times, the least we can do is to be there for you now. I was hoping to see you in Dallas this year, but my chronic illness has prevented that. I am hoping and praying that you will be coming back so I have one more chance to see you guys. You guys are strong, I know you will get through this as you always have. Lean on your fans, we are there for you. God Bless all of you and safe travels. And I am do glad that your dad got to see his grandson before he went home.
Much love to all of you !

Bojan Horvat 08/01/11 2011 05:16:14 AM

Like Andy Taylor sang...Life Goes On.
I lost my father in 2004 and mother in 2007. I know how you feel Joe.

Happy Birthday.

mkhiggins4 08/01/11 2011 02:13:08 PM

JOe, on this your birthday, I wish you joy and happiness - you will feel a bit odd most likely as it is the first without your dad, but (I for one) believe he will always be with you - and that photo of him is priceless! We are so excited to see you in September here in Houston, and hoping for you that it is NOT over 100 (although it probably will be near that temp! Sorry!)
Best Wishes, know your mum, family and you are in our prayers!

lisaloy1960 08/01/11 2011 05:48:26 PM

I lost my Mom a few weeks ago. You were awesome and WE thank YOU!
God bless you and your family.

Sadi 08/01/11 2011 05:55:22 PM

Joe I am really so sorry about the lost of your vather.
My mom died last year at the age of 80. You once posed for a photo a specialy with my mom at a club tour in Paris. Its now 2X as beautiful.
Sorry for writing later for you. I whas chocked. But on this special day I wanna write you something.
Joe the mate of his fans. Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam London, places where Ive seen the group. The group out of Scheffield. Scheffield a town so special and ordinairy. I always feel't at home there when I visit it. You know the Wapentake bar where the group did one of there first gigs and rehearsals in an old milk factory.
Joe it is important that people who you love are around you and that you take time for the people and the things you love.
The people and things you love are going to give you back your energy. Your dad will always be a part of you.
The same blood running through your veins.
Get into the deep beautiful melancholy of everything that’s happened.
And remember, it is not true that the pain you now feel never go's away.
"Little Wing"
Deep condolences to you and your family.

Stephanie Holland 08/02/11 2011 03:00:51 AM

I lost my grandmother back in Jan it does get easier. Its hard to lose someone that helped you be what you are today, but just remember he is always and still proud of you!

Javacat93 08/02/11 2011 04:22:23 AM

No need for an apology Joe!! I am sure it has not been easy! It would be understandable that you would not be "on your best game" and needed to take some time for yourself and your mom! I have recently dealt with my dad being ill and he was in the hospital for 8 days with a heart infection. It was pretty scary there for awhile. He then had a heart valve replacement surgery and was in the hospital for another 4 days. I remember just sitting there with him by his hospital bed feeling scared and helpless. Wishing I could make it better!! Parents are important people in our lives!! And I am such a big daddy's girl!! Even though my dad was very lucky and made it, I can understand the fear of loosing them seeing them not as these strong men we have always looked up at them to be.
Just remember that your fans understand! We know that you had a huge reason for taking some time off and that you would only cancel shows/tours if it was really important!!! Sometimes it is more important to take time to take of yourself!! We will always be here when you come back!
Love and prayers,

defdream 08/02/11 2011 05:13:53 AM

Happy B-day Night Joe & band ! Cheers to all ... for CANNOT be Forgotten !!! ;)

Julesheart 08/02/11 2011 05:47:16 AM and the band were everything and more than I could have hoped for. The Cinci concert was amazing and so much fun!!! I'm so sorry for the loss of your father, but you don't need to apologize for ANYTHING!!! You really did your dad proud and I'm SURE he was there with you. I'm going to be 52 next month and this was my first Def Leppard concert. I've always loved you guys, and now I know what I've been missing all these years. I brought my 15 year old daughter with me to the guys have a new fan!!! I can't wait to see you all again August 19th in Louisville, KY!!! Love and peace back to you...Julie

Dana Rosner 08/02/11 2011 10:51:07 PM

Dear Joe, I live in Los Angeles so I wasn't with you in Cincinnati. But you were in my heart. There is absolutely nothing for you to apologize for. I've read and seen comments about how remarkable and emotional your show was. I wish that I could have been there to help cheer you on. But I'll see you in Universal City in September! You will be welcomed with large hearts and open arms. God bless you xoxo

Dana Rosner 08/02/11 2011 10:59:46 PM

Dear Joe, I live in Los Angeles so I wasn't with you in Cincinnati. But you were in my heart. There is absolutely nothing for you to apologize for. I have read and seen comments about how remarkable and emotional your show was. I wish that I could have been there. But I'll see you in Universal City next month! And thank you for sharing with us your thoughts which are something so private and personal. My deepest condolences to you, your Mother, and the rest of your extended family. All my love to you, and God bless you. Dana xoxo

Lara Coimbra 08/02/11 2011 11:53:54 PM

Oh dear Joe,
you don't have to say sorry for being sad, everybody has ups & downs and you are a very strong person, with beautiful thoughts and words to share with all your fans. I've lost a dentist who was my friend some years ago and I know how you feel. It's like if the world would fall over you.

I loved the picture! You have your father's smile! Cheers from the once visited Brazil. We love you!

wtb33 08/05/11 2011 02:49:54 AM

Thanks for sharing such a personal story. I was at the show in Saratoga Springs on August 2nd, which happened to be the 2 year anniversary of the death of my Dad. You guys helped me to get through a tough day with a great show. The healing power of music can be amazing. Thanks for a great night, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.

Lisa Glass 08/05/11 2011 04:19:18 AM

Dear Joe (and all the rest too)
There is nothing to apologise for. I hope yer Mum is getting on OK and I'm truly sorry for your loss. It will take time but will get easier I promise. It never goes away but just gets bearable. I saw you at Saratoga Springs 8/2/11 and you guys can still rock the house! Just Brill! I've seen you 6 times and its amazing every time. My daughter has been coming with me to your shows and she is now 30 years old! I have every album you've done and a few "Blind Tiger" demos too. I love all of them but when you opened at SPAC with Undefeated" I fell in love again! Incidentally one of my best mates is Yorkshire (Northallerton) and to hear you speak was just loverly. Please come back to Saratoga Springs soon I'd love ta see thee agin!! cheers to all! best wishes to Mi Yorkshire Lads! thy Lisa Glass, Kingston NY

Clooless_Morgan_94 08/06/11 2011 04:14:56 AM

I would have been there to support you if only i had the money for tickets. :( but i definitely wish you the best and give you my support from home! :) Love you guys! <3

Shelly Wynthein Hirschfield 08/06/11 2011 06:21:38 AM

Joe, So sorry to hear about your father. I lost my dad 2 years ago at age 60 and it doesn't seem like it will get better it will. Just remember all of the good times and it helps.
Can't wait to see you in Sturgis, my first rally ever. Thinking of you and hoping things are getting better.
Happy B-lated birthday. Shelly