Doin' The Decent Thing - a benefit for Dick Decent

Nov 15 2011 - 15:40

To a lot of Def Leppard fans, especially those in the UK, the name DICK DECENT should ring a bell. If you haven't heard of him, Dick is a good friend of the band and the guy who usually joins Def Leppard on UK stages to play keyboards during "WHEN LOVE & HATE COLLIDE". He also has a history of playing with Joe and Phil in their 2000-2001 CYBERNAUTS project.


Unfortunately, Dick has been struck down with very nasty side effects from a prescription drug called Ciprofloaxin. Since then, Dick has been unable to work either at the university where he lectured, or on stage with the many bands that he had toured with previously. Daily life has become a nightmare of pain. Most days he is unable to even walk the pain is so severe.


Dick's friends and collegues have decided it is time to step up, and they are organizing a gala event on Sunday, December 4 at the Roadhouse in Birmingham, to raise money for Dick and his family to continue to fight this life changing disease. From mid afternoon, bands will take to the stage to perform and give their time to help their fallen comrade as well as raise awareness of the effects of the drug group known as Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics. All proceeds will go to Dick and his family.


For more information, please check out any of the following links:
Doing The Decent Thing on Facebook
Dick's blog



dflpfn83 11/15/11 2011 10:27:36 PM

Sorry to hear Mr. Decent was struck with side effects due to
a prescription medicine & that he's in severe pain.
That's nice of his friends & collegues to organize this in
his honor. I hope they raise a lot of money for him & his
family. I hope he gets well soon.
Forever a Def Leppard fan - Christine - NYS

Oleana 11/16/11 2011 04:43:55 AM

Sending blessings to Dick and his family. Wonderful thing you all are doing to help him out. Bless you all....

Terry DeLuca 09/20/12 2012 10:01:13 PM

Rest in Peace, Dick Decent- you will be missed!

Tami Lucas 09/23/12 2012 01:59:50 AM

We know his pain. He will be forever remember on The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain...!/photo.php?fbid=488074147884296&set=a.210950845596629.60453.209182505773463&type=3&theater

Amy McGarrah 12/29/13 2013 05:41:48 PM

I'm very sad to hear of Dick's illness and passing--just found out when I opened the Viva Hysteria Cd...Having had many terrible reactions to different medications, I especially feel for the agony he went through, knowing how intensely painful and terrifying adverse reactions can be. I just feel so sad about what he went through, and for the terrible loss that his family and friends feel. We had emailed a couple times years ago, and he seemed like such a nice person. So sad.