Rock of Ages - Official Movie Poster

04/20/2012 - 01:14

Check out the official poster HERE for the upcoming Rock of Ages movie. 


The Rock of Ages film tells the story of small town girl Sherrie and city boy Drew, who meet on the Sunset Strip while pursuing their Hollywood dreams. Their rock 'n' roll romance is told through the heart-pounding hits of Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon, Twisted Sister, Poison, Whitesnake and more.


EnglandRocks625 04/20/12 2012 12:49:10 PM

It's a shame about Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones being in the cast (I dislike both as they are talentless IMO) but I'm still quite excited about the movie coming out as it looks good from what I have seen. Hopefully it will put a lot of the Def Leppard haters on suicide watch.

ignatius 04/23/12 2012 11:18:31 AM

can't wait to watch it