Def Leppard's "YouTube Presents" Show and Q&A – Watch Now

Jun 7 2012 - 19:30

Def Leppard's "YouTube Presents" show from the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA is now available to watch on YouTube. Watch the full performance and Q&A session at this link and below.



Kriss Leigh 06/08/12 2012 02:23:56 AM

F'ckn brilliant. Am I the only one who could watch Phil Collen play guitar for 24 hours without blinking once? haha. Such amazing musicians and genuinely cool people. Love them. xx

Dana Lynne 06/09/12 2012 04:56:28 AM

This show was absolutely wonderful being in such an intimate setting. The Q&A segment made the evening that much more special. Thank you so much Joe, Phil, Rick, Sav, and Vivian for all of you giving us so unique an experience! It will never be forgotten. Love you all xxoo

Dana Lynne 06/09/12 2012 05:40:04 AM

One thing I forgot: YOU ROCKED!!!!!

pjames6 06/09/12 2012 10:08:41 PM

OMG!!!!!! the lepp lads are looking soooo hot. i wish i could've been in the crowd at the house of blues. the guitars were brilliant, joe's vocals were amazing and the thunder-god was awesome as usual! never been lucky enough to see them live so having this to watch is the next best thing. thanks so much for showing it. listening to the questions and answers gives us all an insight into what goes on in and around def leppard. and that lucky lady got her jacket signed by them all. sooo jealous! i want mine signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks again for putting this on for us all xx

GMTMONSTR 06/10/12 2012 12:40:42 AM

That was awesome. I'm here in SLC looking forward to seeing you guys on the 20th. Thanks for the concert preview and the Q&A rocked!!!

dizzyblonde 06/10/12 2012 05:51:46 AM

Thanks so much Joe, Viv, Rick, Sav and Phil! It was an awsome day, full of great expierences!

Wendy Foster 06/14/12 2012 01:57:30 AM

AWESOME!!! Can't stop watching...doing my countdown till they get to Hamiltion!!! Rock Rock Till You Drop!!! XOXO