"Rock of Ages" Tour Kicks Off Today In Salt Lake City, Utah!

Jun 20 2012 - 22:08

The Rock of Ages tour officially launches today in Salt Lake City, Utah with Poison and Lita Ford.  For all dates and ticket info click HERE  For V.I.P. tickets visit VIP Nation



katie65 06/20/12 2012 11:58:15 PM

Just watched Youtube presents from June 7. The guys look great! LOVE Joe with shorter hair. Can't wait for Allstate Chicago July 19. Girl's night out!

Oleana 06/21/12 2012 01:36:50 AM

You guys rock!! As much as you did in the 80's. Now....the unbelief that you are not coming to Washington, Oregon, and/or Idaho is starting to sink in. I was hoping you would add dates for end of September which is when you were here last year but no dates have been added in awhile. Been a fan since early 80's and finally able to go to a concert this year and what a major disappointment : (  Guys from the band....I hope you read these comments and know how so many of us in Pacific Northwest want to see you this year for THIS tour. Hard to believe you are all over the country without stopping in the Pacific Northwest for at least one concert. Don't forget us....

GMTMONSTR 06/21/12 2012 07:57:58 AM

Just got home from Def Leppard in SLC, Utah. Incredible concert!!! We were 5th row from the front next to the catwalk. Non-stop hard rockin' show. Loved the live video in the background showing all 5 members playing. Good to see Rick Allen "The Thunder God" on the video feeds. You all were INCREDIBLE!!! Glad we were 1st ;)

amieha72 06/23/12 2012 03:41:06 AM

So happy to have seen you guys in Salt Lake City Utah:) I might come see you in Santa Barbara California, I love you guys that much!!! I am so sorry that some idiot threw a drink on stage while you guys were performing, please don't let idiots like that discourage you from coming back to Salt Lake City Utah. I was in the front on the left side of the car walk, excellent view although i wish i was in front of the catwalk....I always go VIP and I must say for the price we pay why can't we have a picture WITH you guys? After all we are VIP!!! Love you guys so much, especially you Joe!!! I drive my husband crazy just listening to your music all the time.. You are plastered all over my electronics, I think i have every Def Leppard Tshirt possible with Joe on it. I hope one day I can meet you!!! I would die for you Joe you are so awesome!!! I got to shake hands with Bret Michaels while he was performing which was awesome, i just wished it would have been you Joe!!! Aw make a girl happy, next time she is wearing a shirt that says I love Joe with his picture on it, at least shake her hand or high 5 her!!! That would truly make her day!!!

Lilpaws 06/30/12 2012 05:18:03 AM

I get to see you guys today in Tampa Florida!!! So excited!! It's like a dream come true! Saw you last year and you put on an amazing show!! I have VIP tics, so ready to rock!! Love you guys!! Keep rockin forever, you are the most awesome band. :) <3 Leppard <3

kg4zlb 07/07/12 2012 10:38:11 AM

My Wife and I were 2nd row front in Tampa; what a concert - part of our semi-annual Def Leppard pilgrimage (this year Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, last year Tampa and Las Vegas)

Thank you to Helen, Phil's Wife, for getting my England football (soccer) shirt signed by the band pre-show - can't think I am ever going to top that or for that matter, ever wear that shirt again! As a transplanted Brit, this was one great weekend with one of the top live bands EVER! Looking forward to August and Ft. Lauderdale!