‪"Rock of Ages" (2012) - Lyric Video‬

Jun 22 2012 - 23:04

Watch the brand new lyric video for the newly recorded version of "Rock Of Ages" (2012).  The 2012 versions of "Rock of Ages" and "Pour Some Sugar On Me" are available now on iTunes, Amazon, and all digital retailers.


I gotta feel it in my blood 06/24/12 2012 03:38:15 AM

Awesome!!!!!! Sounds great. Keep on rockin'

SeventhAvenueProductions 06/26/12 2012 11:01:28 PM

Ok Boys, As usual this is absolutely perfect! Dead on just like you're still in your twenties! With that said......are you wondering why Aerosmith came back so big and a phenomenal album like Slang didn't take off? It's not the music. It's not the Lyrics. Both of those have been perfect Def Leppard style and production. It's the cresendo in the vocals. Joe, you have all the power and range you have ever had, but if someone listened to "Work it Out", a song I personally love, they would never know how explosive your talent is. The melody and harmonies in "photograph" are impeccable, but if Joe isn't in the key and range he was in for the bridge..."I see your face everytime I dream....." This simple rise in key took you into the chorus lifted, pumped really, then the chorus goes even a bit stronger, so that when you come down into the next verse you are anticipating, waiting for the next rise. Listen to your favorite Def leppard songs, the ones that every one wants to play over and over again. Probably the one that doesn't have the strongest vocal range and use still has many peaks.."Pour Some Sugar on Me". The song is very good, but there are still times when Joes voice takes it up, making a very good song a GREAT song. I'm not a world class producer, hell just hearing your remake of "Rock of Ages" and how close you were able to get the proper sound is inspiring, so many artists try to re-create their work and just can't figure out what it was that made it great. I hope someone reads this who can get this to you. I know it is the ingredient that is keeping all of us Def Leppard fans from being able to feel the joy of our favorite band getting the respect and airplay on their new work that they deserve. I often wonder what I would have Joe do in each of the songs from Slang to put them over the top. Use your gift, that awesome, incredible voice, you deserve to be back on top!

SeventhAvenueProductions 06/26/12 2012 11:02:41 PM

Please, I would love to get some comments on my ramble :)

passionfeast 07/25/12 2012 05:05:44 PM

Gee, Seventh, I thought I rambled on! ; hard to follow that up but I will add I was a fan back when this first came out and am still a fan... I don't have to watch the video, hell, I don't even have to listen to follow those words! But I made my son use it before we came to the concert this year! LOL! The thing is, so much of your music, the ones that aren't "hits" are just as wonderful; some powerful, some tender, some kick butt dance to... You are just one of the greatest groups ever. (this is coming from a dyed in the wool Beatles/Led Zeppelin head). Thanks for continuing, ALL these years, filling the gap left in their wake. You do it honorably.