Phil Collen - Q&A w/ Cincinnati's CityBeat

07/04/2012 - 18:06

Phil talks longevity, songwriting, craziest fans stories, and the best guitar solo of all time.  Read HERE


passionfeast 07/22/12 2012 11:49:15 PM

You guys could compile a crazy fan story book for us... Like the woman that slapped Joe's hand and then rolled onto stage to run up to Rick Allen's drumstand and stand there leaping... (At Clarkston, Michigan, July 7, 2012 show). You were all so totally cool, not even a glance towards her!!! The stuff you must have seen over the years would be something to read, I'm sure. We all cheered when security dragged her off... and you all kept playing, never missing a beat. So professional, and cool!