Phil Collen on recording Hysteria track-by-track

Jul 6 2012 - 19:44

With the upcoming 25th anniversary of Hysteria next month, check out this great interview with Phil on recording of the album track-by-track.  Read the interview HERE


passionfeast 07/10/12 2012 06:13:21 AM

I am so thrilled you are doing this... I will be buying this! I am a bit stunned there is no critique of your Detroit/Clarkston MI show at Pine Knob/DTE theater on July 7th.
I was thrilled to be only 8 seats from the stage, and the entire concert was amazing. From Lita Ford cracking jokes, to Bret Michaels running around like a teenager, to you guys.
I have never, ever heard you better. Joe's voice was massive and PERFECT; he NAILED Those high notes on every single song. I didn't hear a single mistake; and I adored the acoustic medley that you did of some of my favorite "slower" songs.
For some reason it got a bit loud at the end of the show, but hey, it's rock and roll!
By the way, I myself was there on oxygen, a heart monitor, and a shattered ankle that I broke after I bought my tickets. I was forbidden by doctors to go, forbidden by FRIENDS to go, but dammit, I am UNDEFEATED and standing TALL! I got to the top of those stairs I had to venture down on my broken ankle because there is no handicap access and all the staff were horrified; but I looked em in the eye and said "If I have to CRAWL down these stairs, I'm gonna see this concert!" LOL! It was worth ever painful moment going down and (worse) going back up at the end. You all rocked; and I am so glad I went. I will BE THERE NEXT YEAR, you BETCHA!

roboni 07/13/12 2012 04:02:03 PM

thanks so much for this wonderful insider view of what it took to record what I think is one the greatest albums ever!! After I heard Hysteria and every other DL song I took off to Full Sail University to study film/recording engineering. I just thought to myself if I could get into a studio and work with DL and Mutt that would be the greatest thing ever-one freaking note at a time-brilliant!!! And you can imagine my surprise when studio engineer Mike Shipley showed up as a guest at Full Sail. Of course, I went over and talked to him about his experiences working with you guys in the studio. Anyhow its twenty years later I'm still keeping up with DL and still wishing in my dreams that one day I will get the chance to get into that studio with DL and Mutt and make magic happen all over again:-) Once again great interview!!! Thanks,