Rick Allen Interview from The Dennis Miller Radio Show

Jul 10 2012 - 21:38

The Dennis Miller radio show interviews Rick and Wounded Warrior Project's John Roberts where they speak about their history and how they've come to develop their most recent program "The Rockstar & The Warrior." Rick and John explain how they relate their own experiences to injured soldiers and help them to "find a new normal." Listen HERE

Also, you can vote for Rick in Wounded Warrior Project's "Carry Forward Awards" - more info HERE


passionfeast 07/22/12 2012 03:28:36 PM

I would really love to hear this interview, but I can't get it to work... perhaps you need to let them know it's frozen?

passionfeast 07/29/12 2012 06:34:58 PM

Thank Goodness!! Someone got this fixed; what a wonderful interview. And, what a great suggestion, to go volunteer at a hospital for our own wounded warriors, be it in Great Britain or the USA. Cheers, Rick!