Rick Allen interview w/ Atlantic City, NJ's WMGM (103.7fm)

Jul 14 2012 - 16:06

Rick Allen speaks with Atlantic City, NY's 103.7 WMGM about what songs he loves to play on tour, his various projects from fine art to his Raven Drum Foundation, and more! Listen below.



passionfeast 07/22/12 2012 03:19:19 PM

I am excited to know that the band love UNDEFEATED as much as I do... hearing them play it live in Clarkston, Michigan on July 7th, hearing those drums open the show, I was up on my feet and screaming (and not just because I was standing, unassisted, on a shattered ankle!) AND singing the whole song. It set the whole show; I couldn't sit back down thru the entire set.. they were just that good. I'm already trying to sort out going next year, next tour, hoping for the seat as good as I had this year!