Joe & Phil video interview w/ Fuse TV

07/16/2012 - 18:16

Joe & Phil recently spoke to Fuse TV about some of their craziest tour stories.  Watch Now!



passionfeast 07/17/12 2012 04:51:42 AM

HAHAHAHA! How hilarous... I've listened three times and am still laughing.. (wondering what that witch was exactly trying to do with that white rat... perhaps turn it into the next member of Leppard?) Thank you, Joe, for stopping Phil's description of the toilet bowl contents!
LisaKay aka PassionFeast

df_lep_lover 07/19/12 2012 06:52:12 AM

These are the interviews I LOVE! Just them being them, sharing their many stories from all their year as DL- you guys are my favorite since I was 12!! love you all!!

df_lep_lover 07/19/12 2012 06:55:57 AM

These are the interviews I LOVE..just the them being them! Sharing some of their many stories of being DL--thanks- you are still my favorite band EVER since I was 12 yrs you guys- and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to meet you all!!

pjames6 07/20/12 2012 06:41:26 AM

already watched this sooooo many times. luv it x

pjames6 07/20/12 2012 02:18:26 PM

just gotta add that i like joe's reason as to why it gets dark!! lol