A Message From Joe

08/23/2012 - 21:59

OK, just to nip in the bud any Twitter/Facebook rumours you may have read regarding our recent performance at Saratoga Springs where the band didn't do an encore, here's the deal...

After the Boston gig, which was the 1st show on the whole tour where it was actually cold afterwards, I caught a hacking cough which just ripped the hell out of my voice. Despite all the usual stuff singers do such as lemon tea, steam, etc. it just wasn't going to heal overnight, but with sufficient rest & plenty of warming up I thought I might manage to do the following show in Saratoga Springs. I was tough and I was ploughing through it as best I could but by the time we got to "Photograph", there was barely anything left in the tank & it was starting to hurt, so I decided after struggling through "Sugar" that I had to make a decision...do the encore & risk doing so much damage that we might have to cancel a bunch of shows, or blow out one song & sort out a doctor to have a look at me, which we did the following morning.

The result being after a couple of cortisone shots, I seem to be mending quite nicely !! The cough has gone, & the gig in Bangor, Maine on Wednesday night albeit challenging, was a big improvement & with today being a day off it's a perfect opportunity for me to rest up & address this issue which seems to have a few people unduly worried about my health !!


In most occupations a cough doesn't really affect your ability to work—not so for people who use their voice for a living !! I've had a couple of tough gigs, it's happened before & no doubt it'll happen again, but for now, I'm OK, the tour will roll on, we will ALL give our all, as we do every night, & we move on.
Thank you to all of you who have publicly & privately supported me on this .....
Joe Elliott on route to Indianapolis, 23/8/12


Brenda Guild 08/23/12 2012 10:07:38 PM

Feel better soon Joe! We appreciate you, the band, VIP and all your staff for bringing us a great show year after year. You never let us down! Here's to another 25 years of rockin - and we'll be right there to support you! You rocked it in Darien and we loved it! Cheers and looking forward to 2013! YEAH!

Love you guys!

Brenda - Upstate New York

Holly F O'Dell 08/23/12 2012 10:17:29 PM

Glad that you are feeling better Joe and looking forward to seeing you in Albuquerque.

deflepgeek4life 08/23/12 2012 10:24:39 PM

You always know the right choice to make Joe! Hope your feeling 100%. See you guys in Cedar Park!

jamie 08/23/12 2012 11:05:59 PM

Joe, I'm glad you are feeling better. My 7 yr. old son and I were at the Saratoga Springs show and I knew something was wrong when you didn't come back out. I have seen you guys about 10 times and that has never happened. Well, do us all a favor please, we won't forget you, so please don't forget us!!!! Stay healthy and hopefully we will see you all again soon!!! Love Jamie& Nick

Mary McAlinden 08/23/12 2012 11:23:50 PM

missed you guye this year, you missed West Palm Beach. maybe next year. Get well soon!

Leapyear64 08/23/12 2012 11:36:51 PM


I'm sure that was a difficult decision to make. Glad that you're doing better.

tina_berg 08/23/12 2012 11:41:45 PM

Hope You're feeling better Joe..

mustang01 08/23/12 2012 11:53:17 PM

You go Joe!! Glad your ok...Can't live without that voice!

Kevin Campbell 08/24/12 2012 12:14:01 AM

I hope your voice gets better. Lookin forward to seeing you in Noblesville, IN on the 24th.

Kevin Campbell 08/24/12 2012 12:16:28 AM

Hope you get feeling better. Will see you in Noblesville, IN on the 24th.

Stuck in the 80's Mama 08/24/12 2012 12:49:17 AM

You guys totally ROCKED THE HOUSE last night in Bangor. My 6th Def Leppard show but 1st time front row. AMAZING!!!! Feel better soon, Joe.
~Michelle in Maine

LEPPARDMANIA 08/24/12 2012 01:03:10 AM

Joe and the band sounded awesome in Bangor Maine. I was in row 11 and had great seats. I am one of the biggest def leppard fans in Maine. hope you guys got to see some of Bangor.
Thanks for the great music Jay

jamie 08/24/12 2012 01:35:28 AM

Joe, glad to hear your feeling better. I have seen about you guys about 10 times and that has never happened. The show was awesome as always, and we can't wait to see you next time. Saratoga Springs won't forget you, don't forget us!!!! My 7 yr. old son and myself will be waiting. Stay healthy. Love, Jamie & Nick

Cat Scott 08/24/12 2012 01:46:33 AM

aw i love you Joe and i'm soso glad you're okay <3 i was really worried :/

Tami Stockton 08/24/12 2012 01:48:26 AM

You just make sure you take care of that voice of yours, because people like me who love Def Leppard's music wants to hear that voice for years to come.

Def leppard777 08/24/12 2012 02:25:15 AM

Joe i hope you feel better!!!! Cant wait to see u in houston! Def leppard the best band in the world!

TallMaineGirl 08/24/12 2012 02:59:10 AM

OK, so I usually don't sign up for these things, but you moved me to do so. Disregard naysayers and know that the real people out here simply appreciate your ongoing gift of music in our lives (personally, since 1979). You can sing for me anytime! Hope you guys are back in Maine soon; next time stay to explore! Take care...K

pjames6 08/24/12 2012 06:26:32 AM

glad to hear all is well joe. i wouldn't mind you blowing one song in a show...i'd be happy just to see you all live. hope all goes well for the future shows xx

Angela Haggbe Costanza-Wallace 08/24/12 2012 10:45:18 AM

I make my paycheck with my voice too I know how ya feel I hope u get better soon......

Erika Nagel 08/24/12 2012 11:06:38 AM

Take care of yourself and have a great show tonight!

dflpfn83 08/24/12 2012 01:51:29 PM

Hi Joe,
Thanks for the heads up about your health, as I
do worry about the rest of Def Leppard too.
I'm glad you're feeling much better since you
went to the doctor.
Your welcome for my support for your health.
Forever a Def Leppard fan, Christine - NYS

gail h 08/24/12 2012 02:23:09 PM

Joe, glad you're feeling better! You and the band completely rocked the shows I saw in Columbia, Newark and Virginia Beach!! Take care of yourself. Peace, Gail

dflpfn83 08/24/12 2012 03:46:19 PM

HI Joe,
Thanks for the heads up on your health as
I do worry about the rest of Def Leppard too.
I'm glad you're feeling better since you
went to the doctor.
Your welcome for the support about your
Forever a Def Leppard fan, Christine - NYS

passionfeast 08/24/12 2012 06:55:44 PM

Cheers, Joe... You did the right thing; your voice is your livelihood and no one knows how to take care of it better than you. I am lighting soft green candles for healing for your throat; may blessings surround you and carry you thru the rest of the tour healthy. And may you sound as good as you did here in Clarkston, MIchigan; we love you, Joe. PLEASE take care, and try Southern Comfort with honeycomb mixed half and half, taken by the tablespoon, to sooth that cough.
Much Love,

rockinrollclown 08/24/12 2012 06:56:16 PM

Thank you Joe for letting us know and so glad to hear you are on the mend! ROCK ON! :)

Richard Adkins 08/24/12 2012 07:35:35 PM


Angela Mayfield 08/24/12 2012 08:53:36 PM

You have to do what is best for you. Your voice is beautiful and you must take of yourself! Your fans love you and the guys so we will always support you in your choices. Just BE BETTER BEFORE TOMORROW NIGHTS SHOW!!! (Saturday 8/25) just kidding,,, But cant wait to see you guys in ST Louis!!
Hope you feel better,,, take care of your self!!!
Rock on!!! :)


Caryn Vinson 08/24/12 2012 10:07:42 PM

I hope you are feeling better! You are & will always will be my favorite ever & Def Leppard will always be my favorite EVER! I was at the Bangor show and you guys absolutely rocked my ass off! Take it easy on your voice, keep rocking and stay sexy as hell!!! Love you all!!!

golfatv 08/25/12 2012 02:31:16 AM

I was there You did the right thing Joe, anyone who was listening should understand you were struggling to hit the notes. as the saying goes live to play another day, appreciate the effort, see you next time in saratoga . mark k

Ann-Marie Baker Rohe 08/25/12 2012 03:42:47 AM

The people of Indianapolis are thankful you took care of yourself, Joe, because you ROCKED our town tonight! And p.s. I love your sparkly mic.

Ann-Marie Baker Rohe 08/25/12 2012 03:44:18 AM

The people of Indianapolis are thankful you took care of yourself, Joe, because you ROCKED our town tonight! And p.s. I love your sparkly mic.

Ann-Marie Baker Rohe 08/25/12 2012 12:18:59 PM

Joe, your fans in Indianapolis appreciate you taking care of yourself, because it paid off in last night's show. You ROCKED and we're glad you're on the mend. P.S. I love your sparkly mic, my daughters want to know where they can get one LOL.

Betty Green Hansen 08/25/12 2012 05:57:32 PM

So very sorry you were unable to perform...as a fan I know how seriously you take what it is you, and only you, do so well. My offer of my professional services as a tour nurse still stands. I am not a physician, nor even a nurse practitioner, but only a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida since 1983. I have wicked awesome nursing skills, which for me is more like a "calling" than a mere job. With your permission I would follow your tour at my own expense or small stipend. I would consider it an honor and a privilege to be your tour nurse. My name is Betty Green Hansen, nee Betty Lee Green. i've been working at a hospital for almost 5 years, before that i kept my license, but didn't work outside our home, raising our 5 children for 25 years. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 27 years. After graduating nursing school with honors, I worked at hospitals and home health for several years. i am BLS and ACLS (CPR) certified. The best part: I'm smart, kind, compassionate, funny, discreet, diligent, thorough and a huge def leppard fan. Right now, I work so I can afford to go see your shows VIP. I am the chillaxin' lady with the mirrorball earrings and lately, guitar pick earrings. I will be at Santa Barbara. I attended Salt Lake, Vegas, Atlanta, and Tampa in 2012. You might remember who I am. I am the old lady in the front row having the most fun of everyone. Helen knows of me because of the VIP. Anyway, enough of the shameless self-promotion. Bottom line...take care, feel better, and know you are loved and respected by your fans all over this beautiful world--Rock on!

sspatton 08/25/12 2012 10:21:25 PM

I am glad you are feeling better Joe. I saw you guys in Atlantic City, New Jersey and you were awesome. The fact that the band is still touring after all these years says alot about the passion you have for your music and your fans. I personally, am very grateful to have seen Def Leppard!

Leapyear64 08/26/12 2012 12:44:31 AM

I'm sure it was a difficult decision to make. Best wishes to a speedy recovery.

David Spencer 08/26/12 2012 01:04:43 AM

Good call. I know what it's like to have a cough and your voice goes out on you. I run karaoke shows here and it sucks when i sing and it sounds like Peter Brady going through puberty. Once again, right decision.

Tracy Donnelly 08/26/12 2012 07:26:18 PM

Please take care of your voice. True fans understand.These things happen. Singing your heart out, night after night, takes its toll. You can not please everyone all the time. Yes, they do pay to hear and see Def Leppard and the concert experience. Things happens. I work in the healthcare field, I am out of work due to left hand injury. Doesn't sound like a big deal, Unless your Left Handed! Take care of your VOICE! Def Leppard, Down N Outz, your family and fans need you. Bloom where you are planted! Happy Belated B-day!
Tracy Donnelly

Tracy Donnelly 08/26/12 2012 07:32:39 PM

Take care of yourself! True fans understand! especially those of us that are getting wiser in age! You did the right thing. You sought medical attention and much needed rest for your vocal cords and cough. Yes, the fans expect 110% from the band each and everytime, they must accept you all are human and have human frailities. I have been out of work due to left hand and arm injury, not a big deal unless you are LEFT HANDED as I am. You must take care of you! We understand. Do what is best for Def Leppard, always.
Happy Belated Bday! Aug 1.

kelpoulin 08/26/12 2012 10:26:06 PM

Your Bangor show was FABULOUS!!!! Thanks for coming all the way to Maine!!

Chris Biegel 08/27/12 2012 01:15:52 AM

Hi Joe, honestly the show at Saratoga Springs was awesome and I had a good time, I couldn't tell at all that you were under the weather, you sounded great like you always do. Everytime you guys come to Saratoga Springs im very excited because that's the closest arena near my house that you guys play at. Again just wanted you to know that you feeling under the weather was not noticeable at all. I hope you are able to read my post or someone tells you about my post because I really want you to know that you still sounded great at Saratoga Springs despite feeling sick. Thank you for all that you guys do and for all that you continue to do. You guys are seriously my favorite band and you guys will ALWAYS be my favorite band no matter what.

Luvmyrott223 08/27/12 2012 01:51:23 AM

Now then Joe. I was at the Saratoga Springs show and I didn't hear "Rock of Ages" and figure it was your encore. I did hear how terribly hoarse you were when you did the quiet music sitting on the trunk so I'm glad you are on then mend. You need to take care of yourself! You guys still put on a great show (as always)and you can sing for us any day! Next year just maybe do two encore songs yeah? I have been listening to you guys since the early 80's (and bring my daughter to the shows too!) can you please include some stuff from SLANG? I really like that album and there's some great music that would be nice to hear you sing in person for me.
My best mate is from NorthAllerton Yorkshire and I love the way you talk! He calls you the Sheffield Lads. Have a safe tour and please please come back to Saratoga Springs, NY next year!! Can't wait to see you again!! Tada

Michele Mount 08/27/12 2012 04:57:02 AM

Absolutely joe, i feel its good you did what you had to , any fan of yours that wants to see you in the future would understand that! always love in my heart....

Michele Mount 08/27/12 2012 04:58:25 AM

Glad to hear you are doing better!! Any def lep fan would understand after all that! always love

kellyjbarnett 08/27/12 2012 12:47:09 PM

So glad to hear that it was nothing terribly serious, and that you are totally well by now. You sounded fantastic in St. Louis Saturday night, BTW! I was concerned for you when I was seeing some of these posts on my FaceBook page, different people sending you prayers and get-well wishes, etc. But now that you have completely explained the situation, I realize that it was just a misunderstanding. Thank you so much, to you and everyone, for such an exciting evening in St. Louis----it was a sensational show!!!! Can't wait to repeat it!!! And I DO hope you are right that there will be a next time!!! Love you, love the guys!!!

DefLeppardRocks 08/27/12 2012 10:12:11 PM

Glad your feeling better Joe! Keep on rockin!

DefLeppardRocks 08/27/12 2012 10:12:25 PM

Glad your feeling better Joe! Keep on rockin!

Ascotslass 08/28/12 2012 07:56:36 PM

As long as you are taking care of yourself, that is all that matters, Joe. We want you healthy, even if we have to miss a show. I'm sure there will be more to come still. Take care of yourself.

Julesheart 08/28/12 2012 08:21:08 PM

Joe...you and the guys sounded so good at the Indy/Noblesville show!!! I'm glad to hear you are doing better, and take good care of yourself (your health comes FIRST). Keep on doing what you do best, and everything will work out for you! I love your drive and passion for your music, it really shows! I was so proud to take my two brothers and sister to see you...they were so impressed with all of you guys, as was I! Take care and we won't forget you---EVER!!!


ayoooitscorinne 08/29/12 2012 04:49:29 PM

Aw Joe it's alright. I totally understand. I'd rather have a healthy singer than an extra song performed anyway. I'm just so glad you're okay. You made that concert the best one I've ever been too, i was the girl jumping up and down all over the place haha. You shook my hand during Hysteria, probably because i was crying hysterically throughout the whole concert. I was really overwhelmed, I'd never been that close to you guys before and you're my favorite band. I wasn't even supposed to go up to the catwalk, i was in second row, but the security thought i was the cutest thing singing all the words and freaking out so they kept kicking people getting close to the catwalk out and letting me go up to it. I met Helen afterwards too, she kept asking me if i was okay because i was still teary haha. She's the sweetest thing ever and i hope she passed along my message to Joe hoping he feels better. It was a memorable concert, and I'm so so so SO glad You're okay Joe :)

6Scorpio9 08/29/12 2012 06:30:53 PM

Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know the haps. All the best of health to all the defleps. Looking forward to your "blue moon" performance on Fri night.

khysteria 09/01/12 2012 08:26:26 PM

Joe, Just finished hearing your show on Planet Rock in Houston. That is so sweet of you to console everyone on how well you are doing. We as your fans love you and your voice very much!!!!!! ANDDDDD because you were born with such wonderful vocal chords WE CARE very deeply about you health!!!!! PLEASE take it easy tonight and every night through out the rest of the TOUR!!! ♪♥♫♥♥♥

Betty Green Hansen 09/04/12 2012 07:47:40 AM

To Joe: There is not anyone on this planet that loves Def Leppard more than I, and I'm going to tell you that if there is a particular song that is difficult for you to sing, say "Photograph", if fate throws in the odd cold night, or heaven forbid, a virus or whatever, and it brings you under the weather, then drop that song! Few, though probably very loud-mouthed attendees, would be disappointed not hearing this or that hit. You've got to take care of yourself first please. Scrambling to change things around during a show or tour would be very challenging, but one's health is paramount. Even if you performed "old school style" with no flashy lights and video screens, if you explain things to the fans in real-time, I am certain the majority would be behind you 100%. The worst thing, in my opinion, is not communicating. When Def Leppard have cancelled or abbreviated shows, the worst part for your fans was not knowing why. I totally respect your desire to protect your privacy. However, there is a bridge between you and your fans that you should maintain. When your father passed, it was awesome that your tour manager wrote an open letter to fans explaining things. It gave your fans the opportunity to understand, to sympathize, to give you your space and love you all the more. I know Cleveland affirmed that for you. Thanks for all the really great concerts! <3

dizzyblonde 09/05/12 2012 04:43:28 AM

That must have been a hard decision, one that I am sure you did not take lightly. It's impossible to please everyone, ignore the nay-sayers. Your health is more important! Look forward to seeing you in Concord, CA next week!

dizzyblonde 09/05/12 2012 04:44:17 AM

That must have been a hard decision, one that I am sure you did not take lightly. It's impossible to please everyone, ignore the nay-sayers. Your health is more important! Look forward to seeing you in Concord, CA next week!

dizzyblonde 09/05/12 2012 04:45:04 AM

That must have been a hard decision, one that I am sure you did not take lightly. It's impossible to please everyone, ignore the nay-sayers. Your health is more important! Look forward to seeing you in Concord, CA next week!

Kay DeArman Casey 09/07/12 2012 12:01:45 AM

Joe i am so glad you are feeling better. i saw you in OKC last Friday night and you sounded awesome. Happy you guys are still rocking after all these years! Stay well and safe enjoy Mexico for me!

Kay DeArman Casey 09/07/12 2012 12:06:28 AM

Hi Joe, So glad you are feeling better, you sounded great last Friday night in OKC. Happy that you guys are still rocking after all these years! stay well and safe and enjoy the rest of the tour.

Much love to you all!

Kay DeArman Casey 09/07/12 2012 12:11:21 AM

glad you are feeling better, the show in OKC was awesome. thank you for still rocking after all these years!

stay well and safe during the last days of the tour.

much love to you all!


WendyLou 09/07/12 2012 12:49:10 AM

So glad you are on the mend...Saw you all in Indy and had a spectacular time! You guys are ever the professionals! Been coming to your shows for 25+ years, have never been disappointed and am ALWAYS looking forward to the next time. Please take care of yourselves, stay healthy, stay happy as there are lots of us out here who wish you nothing but the best and want to have many more Leppard shows in our future. Thanks for being the highlight of many summers!

WendyLou 09/07/12 2012 01:13:21 AM

Good to hear you're on the mend...Was at the show in Indy on 8/24 and it was spectacular!! Also was working in Chicago in July and saw you there as well. Been coming to your shows for over 25 years and you never ever disappoint, thank you for being the highlight of many a summer! Please take care of yourselves, stay healthy, stay happy as there are lots of us out here who wish you all only the best and are hoping for and looking forward to many more years of Def Leppard music and shows!! Thanks for touring:)

Kay DeArman Casey 09/07/12 2012 03:14:49 PM

Hey Joe, glad you are feeling better, you sounded great in OKC! so glad you all are still rocking after all these years. I love the song "Kings of the World" it reminds of my other favorite band Electric Light Orchestra. stay well and safe, and enjoy the rest of the tour!

Much love to you all!

Sharon M Healy 09/11/12 2012 04:01:42 PM

Hello Joe.
Glad that you are feeling better. As a Def Leppard and Joe Elliott fan your voice is the band and jeopardizing it is not an option. While I would have been disappointed AS A FAN I would of understood.
Stay well. LOL

Sharon M Healy 09/11/12 2012 04:04:15 PM

Glad to hear you feel better. As a Def Lep and Joe Elliott fan I understand what you had to do. Your voice is everything. better be disappointed for 1 show than to be for (cant even say it) Stay well

1ExcitedChick 09/13/12 2012 10:59:52 PM

Thank you for taking care of yourself, Joe! I am excited to go to my **FIRST EVER** Def Leppard concert tomorrow, in Concord. Despite having grown up in the 80s I just haven't yet had the pleasure. Been listening to Mirror Ball every day though! I know this will be your second to last concert on the tour ...so...

Be healthy, and ROCK THE HOUSE!

Jo_P 09/17/12 2012 12:44:54 PM

Guys - here's a link to an interview with David Coverdale on his wines - really interesting read! http://www.evines.co.uk/people-places/wine-women-n-song-whitesnakes-davi...

deflepluvr 09/17/12 2012 09:32:38 PM

The Santa Barbara show was awesome! Joe, your voice has never sounded better. You held some notes for an amazingly long time too! Glad I made the last night of the tour and can't wait for the next one.