Happy Birthday Vivian!

08/25/2012 - 13:19

Vivian is celebrating and plays tonight in St. Louis, Missouri on the Rock of Ages Tour w/ Poison & Lita Ford.  Have a great day, Vivian!


amandakr79 08/25/12 2012 01:30:56 PM

Happy birthday, Viv! Have a great day!

tina_berg 08/25/12 2012 03:13:38 PM

Happy Birthday Vivian, have a wonderful day.

pjames6 08/25/12 2012 04:12:36 PM

happy birthday vivian, hope you have a good one! x

Debra Arnold 08/25/12 2012 04:35:35 PM

Happy Birthday Vivian!!!

LydiaLeppard 08/25/12 2012 06:19:58 PM

Happy birthday Vivian!! I love you!

dflpfn83 08/25/12 2012 06:23:19 PM

Hi Vivian,
Hope you're having a great day today.
Forever a Def Leppard fan, Christine - NYS

Mary-Lyne Fowler 08/25/12 2012 09:47:41 PM

Happy 50th birthday Vivian! Hope you have a great day!!

LisaKay Allen 08/25/12 2012 10:14:02 PM

Happy Birthday, Vivian... even tho you are the new boy, we all love ya! . Hope you have a lovely day and that the coming year will be the best you have had yet!

Leapyear64 08/26/12 2012 12:41:32 AM

Happy birthday Vivian. Enjoy celebrating with the fans in Missouri.

Meredith Proctor Menley 08/26/12 2012 04:46:04 AM

Great show in Stl! Love you guys! Happy Birthday V!!

asak 08/28/12 2012 02:34:13 PM

Happy Birthday,Viv!!
I'm looking forward to see you at show!

DefLeppardRocks 08/29/12 2012 01:42:20 PM

Happy Belated Birthday, Viv!

chocolatehome 09/01/12 2012 05:54:45 PM

hope you had the best birthday ever. Love all of you Saw you twice on this tour can't wait to see you again.

duncan 09/15/12 2012 04:26:11 AM

Happy birthday vivian