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Guild D-40 Noir Acoustic - See more photos HERE

At the end of 2012 I was at the Jackson/Fender factory and was asking Mike Kotzen his opinion on a good acoustic with a jumbo body. He said, "Before you try another jumbo check this acoustic out." It was the black Guild acoustic that I play on the two acoustic songs we do live and I haven't put it down since.


As we are a loud rock band that plays arenas and outdoor, sunbaked amphitheaters I am always looking for a reliable workhorse acoustic that won't warp, crack or feedback. This was that guitar. It sounds beautiful acoustic, not plugged in and still performs even when you put the rubber cover (or guitar condom) in the sound hole to cut out horrendous low end feedback you get from putting an acoustic through a p.a system. I have a real problem with acoustic guitars that you have to plug into an amp or P.A system as it's always a compromise and never sounds as good as putting a mic in front of the sound hole. But because of the volume you have to go through this process.This being a dreadnought which is the standard or regular size for an acoustic guitar with thinner frets it wouldn't have been my first choice as an acoustic guitar but some guitars are just great the way they are and this is one of those guitars. Plus it looks cool being a nice shiny black. My only modification is the pegs that hold the strings into the bridge. They are FU-TONE titanium pegs. When Adam Revier did a five minute test changing out the standard plastic pegs for his titanium ones in a basement stairwell underneath the PNC in Holmdel, NJ on my older Guild jumbo acoustic in 2011, I was sold. 


Here's a video of me playing it straight out of the box!

Check out pictures from DEF LEPPARD'S summer tour 2014 w/ KISS.  New photos will be updated so check back often.  Photo credit: Helen Collen.  Go HERE









Attention guitar fanatics! To celebrate the launch of Phil’s recent guitar blogs, he is now giving away 10 autographed DiMarzio Super 3 pickups!  Upload your photo of Phil with any of his guitars from the 2014 summer tour w/ KISS and be entered to win.  U.S. residents only and must be at least 18 years of age.  Enter HERE


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Rick is now showcasing his art at Wentworth Gallery locations across the United Staes.  Watch below a preview of the exhibit, which is described as "a sophisticated fusion of deconstructive art containing photography, acrylic and silkscreen on canvas”.  For more info on Rick's art go HERE


Guitar Tech Blog - See more photos HERE

Quite a few people have asked what my gear setup is for touring. The person most qualified to answer this is my guitar tech Scott Appleton. This part of the blog is all about him so fire away til you're blue in the face. People ask 'how often do the strings get changed', 'what's my gauge or thickness of strings' etc. It all is based on how Scotty sets everything up. So 'Ask Scotty' and we'll work on getting some answers for you.


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On This Day in Def Leppard History - 16th August (1986) - Leppard performed at The Monsters of Rock Festival at Donnington Park marking Rick Allen’s big comeback!


Leppard were third on the bill to Ozzy & The Scorpions (also on the bill that day, Motörhead, Bad News and Warlock) and was Rick Allen’s first proper gig back after his accident.  The band had previously played 5 warm up Shows in Ireland, 3 with a 2nd drummer, Jeff Rich).  Almost a full year before Hysteria was released !!!


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Jackson PC Supreme - See more photos HERE

From Phil's blog....I've used 3 different Jackson PC Supremes on this tour so I thought I'd blog about them in one shot as I've been interchanging them throughout the tour. They all have FU-TONE titanium bridge and saddles and what looks like two Dimarzio humbucker pickups but these have a different setup on the neck pickup position. 

These guitars have no middle pickups but they do have a DiMarzio Super 3 in the bridge position and an HS 2 crammed up next to the Jackson driver/sustainer pickup giving the appearance and sound of a full blown humbucker with the driver and dimarzio working in conjunction when the sustainer is switched off. Are you still following me on this? So you can have the usual sustain and feedback on the bridge pickup or a lovely creamy humbucker tone when switched to the neck position.


The difference between these guitars are mainly that the black one ('Dorian' which is actually a glitter grey/red color) has an ebony fingerboard and a 24 and three quarter inch scale neck-this one being an experimental prototype. It's neck is very chunky but tiny compared to the other two guitars. They all have the D'Addario 13-54 Guage strings on but because of the neck circumference it feels like you're playing light gauge strings. This guitar is the most even sounding one of the 3 and you can hear it on 'It's All About Believing'; lead, rhythm, and solo on the Mirror Ball album; and on the upcoming Delta Deep album on the song "Miss Me". It's the call and response vocal guitar outro with Debbi Blackwell-Cook. 


For the first week of the tour I used the red supreme (Redneck). it has the fattest neck of any guitar I've ever played it's over an inch radius at the twelfth fret. It has a mahogany body with a red maple top and an oil finish. The fingerboard is maple with a face on the first fret that is based on the pendant I sometimes wear around my neck, a Mayan mask that was given to me in Mexico. 


The third Supreme I play on tour is almost identical to the red one but has a koa body and maple top with a natural satin finish. This one is called 'Maya'. The reason for the face mask on the first fret is a tribute to Pablo Santana, formerly a master builder at Jackson Guitars and the man who built the guitars. I originally gave Pablo 5 photos of 5 different classic guitars and said I want a guitar that looks like these but doesn't look like any of them-a very bizarre request. But 2 weeks later Pablo said, "I've got something to show you." and it was the first Supreme prototype (pictured below as well), my blue one that lives in London. You can see and hear Maya on the 'Viva Hysteria' dvd on the tracks 'Don't Shoot Shotgun' and 'Run Riot'. 


I play the Jackson PC Supreme on 'Hysteria' and 'Rocket' on this tour. 

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