Jackson PC X-STROYER  

Here is my new guitar which I play on our summer 2014 tour and is the 2nd guitar I play during our set. It's been introduced before but I want to give a few more details since it's based on something so memorable and folks seem interested in my guitar details and setup.


The X-STROYER has a mahogany body with a maple top much like my PC1s. It has a trans black finish on it so from a distance it looks black. But when you get up close on it you can see the glorious maple grain…mouthwatering. This is neck through. It has DiMarzio Super 3s. My original guitar' had DiMarzio Super Distortions (kind of similar). This guitar has a Jackson sustainer, a Floyd Rose tremolo system, and FU titanium saddles and block. The neck is monster huge with an ebony fingerboard. I haven't got the dimensions with me at the moment but I can let you know later. This guitar has a thick, rich, creamy chunky low end that screams like crazy when you play leads. It's a perfect sounding rock guitar. My X-STROYER is different from my other guitars. It sustains like crazy and kind of plays itself. It feels like its a system that overrides the player (sound wise) and just does its thing.


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