Happy Birthday Rick Allen!

Nov 1 2012 - 14:35


Today is our favorite drummer's birthday!  The "Thunder God" was born on November 1st 1963 in Dronfield (UK), and he is currently celebrating his birthday at home with his family.  
Have a great day, Rick!


Cat Scott 11/01/12 2012 03:24:15 PM

Aw happy birthday rick i love you man :3 <3

Caleb Sands 11/01/12 2012 03:49:53 PM

Happy Birthday Rick!!!

Caleb Sands 11/01/12 2012 03:50:03 PM

Happy Birthday Rick!!!

Sonia 11/01/12 2012 04:42:07 PM

Happy Birthday Rick !! I wish you all the best, you deserve it ;-) Take care xx

passionfeast 11/01/12 2012 06:56:06 PM

Happiest of Birthdays, Rick... may this one be the best ever!

roboni 11/01/12 2012 06:59:14 PM

Happy Birthday to a man that really cares about others!!!

roboni 11/01/12 2012 07:01:09 PM

Happy Birthday to a great inspiration.

Dana Rosner 11/01/12 2012 07:26:59 PM

Happy Birthday Rick! I hope you're having a beautiful day :) xoxo

dflpfn83 11/01/12 2012 07:46:30 PM

Rick, Hope you're having a great birthday today with
your family. I respect the idea that you really care
about other people by helping them out in whatever way
you can, especially Raven Drum & the Carry Forward Awards.
Forever a Def Leppard fan, Christine, NYS

Leapyear64 11/01/12 2012 09:11:27 PM

Happy birthday to a great man. Always smiling and making others happy. Enjoy your day with the family!

Tonya Obar 11/01/12 2012 10:55:41 PM


Jan Shepherd 11/01/12 2012 11:32:12 PM

Happy birthday Rick. Hope you're having a fabulous day at home with you're beautiful family. Many happy returns. Love from the Uk xxx <3

tina_berg 11/02/12 2012 12:12:23 AM

Happy Birthday Rick.

HystericalJ 11/02/12 2012 12:41:03 AM

Happy Birthday Rick! The Thunder maker!!!!!

Creatures Of The Night 11/02/12 2012 10:58:40 AM

Happy Birthday Rick Allen!

phxjoe 11/02/12 2012 01:02:30 PM

Happy Birthday Rick!!! you've been an excellent role model, always put your fans first and a wonderful inspiration to kids and adults like myself alike. Enjoy your day THUNDER GOD!!!!

Reiko Nishino 11/02/12 2012 03:47:04 PM

Happy Birthday to a Rick!!

I hope visit to Japan!!

Creatures Of The Night 11/02/12 2012 04:55:52 PM

Happy Birthday Rick!

Creatures Of The Night 11/03/12 2012 09:48:24 AM

Happy Birthday Rick!

asak 11/03/12 2012 02:44:14 PM

Happy Birthday,Rick!!

DefLeppardRocks 11/04/12 2012 04:34:51 PM

Happy Belated Birthday, Rick! Keep on rockin'! :D

tracyfreiberg 11/06/12 2012 08:46:45 PM

Happy Birthday!

Mary Ann Thompson 11/10/12 2012 10:43:05 PM

me late as usual but have a happy belated birthday month as mine is this month too, love ya and happy celebrating!!

Mary Ann Thompson 11/10/12 2012 10:43:23 PM

me late as usual but have a happy belated birthday month as mine is this month too, love ya and happy celebrating!!

duncan 11/12/12 2012 01:01:49 AM

Happy birthday Duncan

duncan 11/12/12 2012 01:02:46 AM

Happy birthday Duncan