Joe Elliott Interview With Las Vegas' KXPT

Nov 26 2012 - 22:11


Joe recently spoke to Las Vegas' 97.1 The Point from his home in Dublin about the upcoming Def Leppard residency, Viva Hysteria! At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's venue, The Joint and about how DL has kept their sound in tact over the years 
Listen Below
You can purchase your tickets for Viva Hysteria! through Ticketmaster HERE and VIP packages are available now through VIP Nation HERE


pjames6 11/27/12 2012 06:14:07 PM

another brilliant interview with joe. god i love that man's little giggles!!!! really wish i was lucky enough to be going to las vegas in march. i'm sure it must be my turn to win the lotto jackpot!!!! can't wait to hear more from the guys. x

Def Lep. Torie 11/29/12 2012 10:19:21 AM

Are you guys just going to sing the songs of Hysteria and sing some of your older songs too? If so, I would like to see and hear you guys again. Joe I like the way you want your concerts to be, you like making your fans happy, and you also like to keep the songs the way they were when you first made them. I like that about you, songs should not be changed, I've listened to you about how you feel about a song you liked and it was changed, you did not like it. Keep up the good work!

passionfeast 12/02/12 2012 03:47:16 AM

Wonderful interview; wish I could go!!! Ya'll that can take lots of pics and share your good times!

dizzyblonde 12/06/12 2012 06:13:47 AM

Love all the hints the guys are droping so that we know what we are in for!