Tune in to Oscar's Guitar Shop Podcast broadcasting live tomorrow (8 Nov.) at 2pm (PT) for an interview with Phil Collen on his signature guitars, Def Leppard, Manraze & more! Listen live HERE

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Rolling Stone has the premiere of MANRAZE's 'I Surrender" EP! Listen to the full stream on their site HERE

'I Surrender' is available 12 November CLICK HERE to pre-order now


MANRAZE is Phil Collen, Simon Laffy, Paul Cook

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Phil Collen recently spoke with Innocent Words on his beginnings as a musician, his guitars, Def Leppard and Manraze!

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Manraze's new EP, "I Surrender," is out 12 November 
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Tonight at 11pm (GMT), Planet Rock will be playing Def Leppard's 'HYSTERIA,' in full, with a special intro from Joe Elliott as part of its "Planet Rock Plays It In Full" series!
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The current issue of Spain's Popular 1 features Joe Elliott on the cover and an in-depth interview on his music favourites and more! If you're in Spain, be sure to pick up a copy

"I Surrender" - the new EP from Phil Collen's MANRAZE - is out 12 November! Check out the EP teaser video below to get a preview of all 3 tracks.

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Vivian Campbell's segment for "My Turn" will air this Sunday (27 October) on Los Angeles' 100.3 KSWD The Sound at 7pm (PST) and will also be streaming on their site HERE

Vivian Campbell recently spoke with Steve Raymond of Atlantic City, NJ's WZXL to give an update on his health, Def Leppard's plan for new music, VIVA! Hysteria and more! Listen in the player below


Rolling Stone recently spoke to Phil Collen, Rick Allen, and Vivian Campbell about the VIVA! Hysteria concert film - Available now HERE - Vivian's fight with cancer, and what's in the future of Def Leppard. 


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VIVA! Hysteria - Live at the Joint, Las Vegas is NOW AVAILABLE on CD, Blu-ray Disc, DVD Video, and Digital Download! 

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