"Acoustic Medley" - Available Now on iTunes

Dec 18 2012 - 14:30

D.L.'s "Acoustic Medley" is a special medley of some of  the acoustic rock songs from the band's 2012 live shows.  Tracks inlcude: "Where Does Love Go When It Dies," "Now," "When Love and Hate Collide," "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad" and "Two Steps Behind."  Available everywhere on iTunes!


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EnglandRocks625 12/20/12 2012 08:04:29 PM

This was such a big surprise and one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever. A big THANK YOU to all the guys in the band and Merry Christmas. :-)

passionfeast 12/20/12 2012 09:06:44 PM

I just bought this; a whole $1.29 for a lep song? you betcha......
It's pure heaven........
thanks guys

pjames6 12/22/12 2012 12:39:24 PM

thanks for the perfect christmas prezzie. what more could a girl possibly wish for....? happy christmas to all the lep boys and their families and a healthy new year to you all xx

Tami Stockton 12/24/12 2012 06:29:53 PM

Love It...Thank You!!!

Kellie Trentham 12/28/12 2012 05:57:36 AM

It's beautiful and I love it! Thank you so much I know alot of D L's fans love this I wasn't there to see it in person, But thank God for youtube. You guys were amazing like always! Take care and don't forget that your fans love you guys! <3

Kellie Trentham 12/28/12 2012 09:25:00 PM

I love it! I didn't see you guys perform it in person, But thank God for youtube. You'll were amazing! So until next time take care and don't forget that alot of fans love you guys! <3

6Scorpio9 01/16/13 2013 07:00:38 PM

I love my U.S. version of the new acoustic medley. I like the updates you make to your classics, live and recorded. It's not always the same thing.