PYROMANIA - Happy 30th!

Jan 20 2013 - 13:30


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of DL'S album PYROMANIA.  Here is a special note from Joe Elliott on the album.
Wow ..... I can't believe it's 30 years since Pyromania came out!  It had been a labour of love to make (little did we know in comparison to Hysteria, it was a piece of cake!).... Multiple studios in London, one guitarist out, one guitarist in, equipment breakdowns, tapes turning transparent because of the thousands of times they were rewound & fast forwarded for multiple overdubs, but we found our sound on this record with the help of a great producer in Mutt Lange, the new studio technology that we eagerly embraced (unlike many of our peers) and an incredible enthusiasm to "make a record no one else had ever made" whether we did or didn't isn't important, what is, is that we had made the record WE wanted to make, it had been percolating in our DNA for 6 years!!…. we finally sounded like the "us" we wanted to be!!! - J x


Pat504 01/20/13 2013 02:14:16 PM

This album came out a few months after my Mom passed away and Pyromania gave me the distraction I was looking for. Thank you DL for saving me by making me smile, dream and sing again!!!! Fan For Life!!!!

dflpfn83 01/20/13 2013 02:59:43 PM

Its been 30 years already, how time goes by. Regardless of the
struggles you guys went thru to make this album, it turned out
to be a great one. That June is when I became a fan, so it'll
be 30 years for me too. So Happy Birthday to Pyromania & me.
Forever a Def Leppard fan, Christine - NYS

Gary Moyle 01/20/13 2013 03:27:31 PM

I listened to this album pretty much non stop between the age of 14-18 and still love listening to the album to this day. There's not a bad track on the album, a true classic!

Crippled Plaything 01/20/13 2013 04:44:46 PM

i didnt even born in 1983 , i was born in 1984 , thats shocking ! , one of your best records ever .. i love you guys m, u have everything i need , you always make me smile no matter what . leppar fan for ever !

pjames6 01/20/13 2013 05:21:09 PM

and here's to the next 30 years joe xx

Tami Stockton 01/20/13 2013 05:39:04 PM

And You Guys Did "REAL GOOD"

Rose Thistlewood 01/20/13 2013 05:58:25 PM

I was just a teenager in sixth grade when this was released! I still have my album and cassette tape from way back then. Great music then awesome music now. Def Leppard will always be apart of my life. Much love and light to you guys! keep it rockin!

Renegade_Retro 01/20/13 2013 05:58:31 PM

I was hooked on this album since the first time I heard it and agree, there's not a bad track on the album. One of the few albums in my life that I can listen to beginning to end and not want to skip a song.

dspencer 01/20/13 2013 06:04:29 PM

I was 22 when this came out and it "rocked my world". Still a huge Def Leppard fan at my very young age!
Thank you for all the years of great music! Keep it coming and keep touring...I will see you again!

Aida Lee Martinez 01/20/13 2013 06:31:55 PM

I loved this album from the very first moment and still today I feel the same way each time I play your music. I have taken you on my journey through life since my pre teen years lol. I can't wait to see you in concert again! Than you for making me smile, live and rock....woohoo!

Cat Scott 01/20/13 2013 06:38:55 PM

ahhh love you Joe :) happy birthday pyromania!

Carlos Tosi 01/20/13 2013 06:43:28 PM

30 years ago at the age of 16 I went to my first concert ever at the Hollywood Florida Sportatorium in the middle of the Everglades. What a show it was ... Gary Moore, John Butcher Axis, Krokus, and the headliner DEF LEPPARD! I was blown away! At that point I new that I had just become a Def Leppard fan for life! You guys brought the how's down that night! Rock on Joe, Rick A. , Rick S, Phil, and Vivian. (RIP) "Steaming Steve" Clark.

6Scorpio9 01/20/13 2013 06:57:37 PM

Congratulations! This is the one that started all for me. I've always admired perseverance. Thank you for your perserverance. My life has certainly been sweeter with your music to enjoy. Thank you for enduring all the difficultIies and doing whatever it takes. With much respect and gratitude, IV

ebmk96 01/20/13 2013 07:11:17 PM

I was 12 when this came out, listening endlessly on my Sony Walkman. For me this was my 'Beatlemania'. Great power chord sound, soaring vocal harmonies, and production par excellence.

John 'Mutt' Lange was on top of his game (Highway to Hell, Back in Black) and he pushed you boys to make an incredible album. I can listen to this album anytime and enjoy it just as much. Thank you!

Cat Scott 01/20/13 2013 07:12:05 PM

ahhh love you Joe :) happy birthday pyromania!

runriot1987 01/20/13 2013 09:01:32 PM

This is my favorite one!!!!! I love you Def Leppard!!!

Kathleen Wallcraft 01/21/13 2013 02:53:15 AM

One heck of an album! Love it to pieces and will be listening to it in heavy circulation ten years from now. Take a bow guys, you deserve it!

Kathleen Wallcraft 01/21/13 2013 02:54:55 AM

One heck of an album! Love it to pieces and I'll be listening to it in heavy circulation ten years from now. Take a bow guys, you deserve it!

Melissa Hoffman 01/21/13 2013 03:20:19 AM

ive been a fan since pyromania and all i have to say"DEF LEPPARD ROCKS".

katie65 01/21/13 2013 04:35:57 PM

Congrats! 1983 was also a special year for me. As a High School graduate, my summer consisted of multiple parties and listening to great music, Def Leppard! Thank you! For those of us who can't make it to LasVegas. Hope you get out this summer. Chicago would love to see and hear you!! Kathy

David Tasche 01/22/13 2013 04:19:19 AM

how time flies i remember hearing this album for the first time
i was almost 11 years old when pyromaina was released. the first time
i herd this album i was blown away all 10 tracks are kick ass.
and its still a kick ass album 30 years later.
happy 30th pyromaina
and from that clasic kick ass album here are 4 words
gloti gleben globan globin

Sharon M Healy 01/23/13 2013 07:16:19 PM


dizzyblonde 01/27/13 2013 07:01:03 AM

HaPpY BiRthDaY PyRoManiA! After 30 years, sill my favorite album.

dizzyblonde 01/28/13 2013 01:00:20 AM

HaPpY BiRThDaY PyRoManiA!

Loreigh 02/13/13 2013 03:50:17 AM

Pyromania - my personal favorite and still listening to it 30 years later!!!