DEF LEPPARD To Play HellFest 2013 (Clisson, France)

Feb 15 2013 - 01:49

Def Leppard will make their grand return to France on Friday June 21st, as headliner for the first day of HellFest. This event will be D.L.’s first concert in France for almost 17 years (The band’s previous live appearance in France was October 20, 1996 in Paris)! In addition, this one off concert will also give the French crowd the opportunity to enjoy the “Hysteria & More” show.  Tickets go on sale Friday February 15th at 10am (CET). For more info go HERE


Heinzlala En Mode Vacance 02/15/13 2013 10:45:14 AM

Merci à vous , on vous attends avec impatience , de plus avec la tournée que j'aurais rêvé de voir il y a plus de 20 ans déjà , le bonheur,j ai le cœur qui ba à 180 pulsations ,je vais devoir me calmer un peu.
Merci encore , ma journée a bien commencée grâce à Def Leppards.
Le 21 juin sera jour de fête au Hellfest.

LOLITA 02/15/13 2013 11:05:51 AM

Hello, I'm french.
Please, come in North of France (Lille) or Belgium.
I dream to see you !!!!!
I hope to see you soon ! C'mon C'mon ;)

Cat Scott 02/15/13 2013 01:12:41 PM

Ugh im so mad I cant go but I guess vegas is good enough and I get to meet you so yakno. P.s the video is so precious aw

Tami Stockton 02/17/13 2013 10:01:49 PM

I hope this is a warm up for an American tour, Please come back to Phoenix soon.

ignatius 02/25/13 2013 02:50:38 PM

Spain shows rumoured... confirm them pleaaaaaaaaaaaase