Nicholas Cage Shows Up At VIVA! Hysteria Show

Mar 28 2013 - 18:19

Nicholas Cage and his brother Mark came out to see the show and hang out with the guys backstage for the 3rd show of VIVA! Hysteria.  For more photos click HERE



pjames6 03/29/13 2013 08:27:22 AM

Wow! first Jon and joe, now the leps and Nicholas cage. Mr C is one of my favourite actors. U r spoiling us.x

Joey - She Remains Undefeated 04/03/13 2013 03:00:11 AM

I'm not surprised Nick Cage attended a show. It makes me smile to see the continued love for DL's music, it's timeless. I heard my first DL song when I was 8 and fell in love with the 15 I fell in love with the guys in the band. All in all I have followed DL for 32 years....really wish I could meet them one day :)