Ded Flatbird Announce Break Up

Apr 1 2013 - 14:09

Lead Singer of Ded Flatbird, Booty Ruben has announced that the band are to split up after their last show opening for Def Leppard's VIVA Hysteria on April 13th.  


Booty states...."No choice really, we aren't getting paid much to do the shows, .... we're having to sleep on fans' floors, eat out of their rubbish bins, drink their flat leftover beer, it's not as much fun as we'd hoped..... The headline act are nice to our faces and all, but we get no sound checks, very few lights and if I go on the damn front stage ramp, they threaten to pull the power."


Matters weren't helped when a seven year old sex tape featuring Booty and "an unidentified man" was discovered by his wife. "She wasn't happy, then again, neither was I as I'm not normally like that," said Booty, "I'm not sure it's even me anyway, you can only see a man with an apple in his mouth and my hat ... anyone could have borrowed it for the night, it's not like we have security 24 hours a day."


Booty doesn't say what the rest of the band plan to do "They tweet, I don't, you'll hear before I do, we don't talk much anyway ... me, I'm going to record my 1st solo album, "Booty Call"...It'll be a bit more adventurous I think, I want to incorporate other genres into my music, stuff, like, Baroque, Jazz & Fusion Reggae. But it'll still have that NWOBHM swagger about it."


Josephine A. Lizandro 04/01/13 2013 02:32:30 PM

Oh nooooo =P

Josephine A. Lizandro 04/01/13 2013 02:49:45 PM

Nooooo, my Booty gone!!!, how can this be, very sad news ... NOT,!!! =P

Regina709 04/01/13 2013 03:33:23 PM

April Fools!!

Brenda Guild 04/01/13 2013 04:10:05 PM

You guys are hilarious! LOL! Good to see your having fun! Enjoy the rest of Vegas!

Debra Arnold 04/01/13 2013 07:14:33 PM

they suck anyway so good riddance jk .... wait... the date?!? I think you got me.... nice one guys

Beckie Fisher Shahan 04/01/13 2013 09:33:15 PM


passionfeast 04/01/13 2013 10:16:06 PM

Hahaha too funny.... wish I had seen you!!!!

John Inman 04/01/13 2013 11:49:54 PM

I want a T-SHIRT first!!

Dawn Banta Emmerich 04/02/13 2013 03:07:32 AM

Oh no! I was hoping they would continue to tour with DL for the next year or two. :(

dizzyblonde 04/02/13 2013 03:48:25 AM


Cat Scott 04/02/13 2013 03:59:28 AM

damn straight! Booty needs to get his shit together if he wants to stay in the business! Joe is one you don't wanna piss off! hahaha

amycm1 04/02/13 2013 04:24:47 AM

Oh no I've lost my booty :-0 Joe's way better looking anyway.I guess I can say goodbye on April 13th hello and goodbye that is.

amycm1 04/02/13 2013 04:26:13 AM

Maybe you can do a country album called boot scoot booty.

deflep1220 04/02/13 2013 06:53:25 PM

Love it!! I get to see them one more time before they break up.

Mary Ann Leonard Sisneros 04/03/13 2013 04:30:14 AM

Oh Mr. Booty, u do NOT want to say negative stuff about our guys. Saying Def Leppard are 2faced is like putting a elevator in a outhouse, it don't belong. They don't need to be nice to ur face then be assholes behind ur back, since when have any of them been afraid to tell u to ur face?

Joseph Lambert Kendrick II 04/14/13 2013 04:05:11 AM

Booty Call, lololol