Joe Elliott- Live Twitter Fan Q&A - May 2 / 5:00pm (est)

Apr 29 2013 - 20:38

Join Joe on his first official Twitter fan Q&A on Thursday May 2 at 5pm (EST)!  Joe will be answering YOUR questions about Def Leppard, VIVA! Hysteria, Ded Flatbird, Down 'n' Outz or anything else on your mind LIVE!


Submit your questions on Twitter to @Def_Leppard with the hashtag #AskJoe 


Date: Thursday May 2nd
Time: 5:00pm (EST)
Where: On Twitter  @Def_Leppard


How to Participate:
Login to Twitter
Don’t have an account? Sign up here In the “What’s Happening” box on your profile, type your question.
Add the hashtag, #AskJoe to your post and click “tweet”
Example: What is your favorite Def Leppard song to play live? #AskJoe



Joey - She Remains Undefeated 04/29/13 2013 11:10:55 PM

YEA!! I can't wait! Joe, we are going to "Pour some sweet tweets on you"

Joey - She Remains Undefeated 04/30/13 2013 05:14:20 PM

YEA!! Tweet & Rock til ya drop with Joe Elliott!

Betty Green Hansen 05/01/13 2013 06:02:17 PM

should the time zone abbreviation read, "EDT"? not to be a smarty-pants or anything! :)