Joe - Twitter Q&A

May 3 2013 - 03:48

Thanks to all of you who joined Joe for his q&a on Twitter today.  Here is the complete rundown of questions/answers and sorry for any questions that he did not get to.  There will be a next time!


@bridgey_sez2h:  @def_leppard how do you feel about the Don Valley stadium closure #askjoe     

     @bridgey_sez i'm very disappointed cause we were the first band to ever play there

@foxter6576:@def_leppard #askjoe Do you think Def Leppard will ever retire?
     @foxter6576 well yeah, nothing goes on forever. even the stones will one day quit - either through death or boredom!

@emw11092h: @def_leppard Does your mum still think you should get a "proper" job? #askjoe

     @emw1109 not anymore, god no, she's pleased as punch!

‏@HelloLeilani2h:  @def_leppard Mirror Mirror is my favorite song and I heard it closing night. Mahalo! What's the odds of hearing Paper Sun live now? #askjoe     

     @HelloLeilani having just played "good morning freedom", you cant rule anything out!

@SteveStevensAA2h:  @def_leppard Which classics are you re-recording next? #AskJoe     

     @SteveStevensAA i dont know actually

@rustinpe4ce2h:  @def_leppard I'll be 17 on Sunday, could you make my day and wish me a happy birthday? #askJoe             @rustinpe4ce happy birthday!

‏@scotthappe1h:  @def_leppard #askjoe Do you think Def Leppard will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?     

     @scotthappe thats always a good question, do i really care? no, i'm more about the songs and doing this for the fans!

@kcampbell392h:  @def_leppard  Hey Joe, Is there still a plan to release a box set? And, how did it feel to play " Good Morning Freedom " again live? #AskJoe     

     @kcampbell39 no boxset yet, and yes i suggested playing "good morning freedom" again! 1st song i thought of playing

@lucazerbini2h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe Best memory of Steve Clark?   

     @lucazerbini dancing half naked on the bar in a nightclub and watching 2 girls beat the shit out of each other cause they wanted him so bad


@rickallenlive:  Who is your favourite One Armed Drummer? Is it: A. Camp Out or B. Rick Allen? (: ),-< @def_leppard #AskJoe
     @rickallenlive i think i like them equally

@rustinpe4ce2h:  @def_leppard will you ever sign up to twitter? you're on a roll with all these tweets, i think you should! #askJoe     

     @rustinpe4ce i dont tweet because i dont believe every single second of what i'm doing is important to share. if it is it'll be on def leppard sites

‏@_MrsSambora2h:  @def_leppard OMG CAN YOU PLEASE TALK TO ME AND @HardRockForever WE'RE BRAZILIAN FANS WHO LOVE YOU! #AskJoe   

     @_MrsSambora @HardRockForever love you too!

@treybie292h:  @def_leppard Could Down N Outz play in the U.S or is that just a U.K Tour? #askjoe.     

     @treybie29 given the opportunity and time, of course we'd come to the US

‏@bridgey_sez2h:  @def_leppard are you coming to tour England this year #askjoe

     @bridgey_sez no immediate plans, but that will come with the next project whatever that may be

@loopy222h: @def_leppard: mott the hoople are touring in the uk. r you going?
     @loopy222h: yes unless i'm dragged somewhere else kicking and screaming

@TheOnlyRealWolf2h:  @def_leppard any tips on dealing with nerves before a performance? #AskJoe
     @TheOnlyRealWolf nerves go away the more gigs you do

@tarcisiorpc2h:  @def_leppard is kings of chaos going to be only a tour band or are you guys planning any recordings? #askjoe
     @tarcisiorpc we've done 1 song on a tribute to deep purple CD, yeah a few more. doubt we'll do much writing though

‏@mrsSambora2h:  @def_leppard did you like Rock of Ages the movie? #AskJoe
     @_MrsSambora i enjoyed the a-lister actors performance & thought they did a great job

‏@ILOOK2BKBWH2h:  @def_leppard #askjoe where is your fav place to go to on Ireland
     @ILOOK2BKBWH Lily's Bordello is a great after hours club

@sarahlj2:  @def_leppard #askjoe do you have any pre show rituals?
     @sarahlj2: warming up, exercising my voice and a little irish whiskey tradition

@ClintonDesveaux2h:  #AskJoe @def_leppard Would you ever work with a producer again?
     @ClintonDesveaux:  yeah, if it was the right one

@leppardnyc2h:  @def_leppard Are you still as embarrassed by your first record as you used to be? #AskJoe
     @leppardnyc2h: i was never embarrassed by it - just wasn't as good as it could have been - it is a document of who we were at that time

@blynch09212h:  @def_leppard #askjoe I saw you and Sav played golf in Vegas. Did you play in the Michael Jordan tourney?  Whose a better golfer, u or Sav?
     @blynch0921 Sav by a country mile!

‏@BoIstelo 2h:  @def_leppard Which is your favourite Steve's guitar lick or riff? #AskJoe
     @BoIstelo "wasted, "gods of war", "switch 625"

‏@Sweet80sChild2h:  @def_leppard what was your favourite ever year? #askjoe
     @Sweet80sChild 1972

@Dawgz4us2h:  @def_leppard Hi Joe! What is a favorite concert memory that stands out?
     @Dawgz4us As a kid, T-Rex sheffield city hall 1971 1st concert

‏@rustinpe4ce2h:  @def_leppard if you wasn't a singer in a band, what do you think you would be doing? #askJoe
     @rustinpe4ce def leppard or working at the factory!

@plaidbear2h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe any instruments that you'd like to learn how to play?  Bagpipes?  Harp?
     @plaidbear2h: play the piano better than i can

@Sandy21tribe2h:  @def_leppard what is your favorite shows to watch on tv. #askjoe
     @Sandy21tribe Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Lost

@Aeryn_Dex2h:  @def_leppard #askJoe Hi, Joe - are you happy with how the Vegas shows went?
     @Aeryn_Dex very happy absolutely

‏@Taffinexile2h:  @def_leppard What's the weirdest question you've ever been asked?! #AskJoe
     @Taffinexile i'm still waiting for one

@Debbiej01042h:  @def_leppard what song in the history of music do you wish you could have written? :-) #askjoe
     @Debbiej0104 all the young dudes!

@xboxingthestars2h:  @def_leppard #askjoe what do you want the bands legacy to be in 76 years???
     @xboxingthestars that we did the best we could given the tools of the trade we were born with and that we made a  difference

@rickallenlive3h:  How could I get a job with @def_leppard? #AskJoe (: ),-<
     @rickallenlive wait for the other rick allen to retire

‏@rustinpe4ce3h:  @def_leppard have you heard David Bowie's new album? #askJoe
     @rustinpe4ce i have and it is excellent

@JohnnieFarr3h:  @def_leppard what's the chorus of slang about?
     @JohnnieFarr i have no idea

‏@TrophyWife2Cent3h:  What's your favorite thing about being a dad?   @def_leppard #AskJoe
     @TrophyWife2Cent just watching him grow and learn.  watching him sitting at the piano and banging on the drums.. a natural talent!

@tarcisiorpc2h:  @def_leppard is kings of chaos going to be only a tour band or are you guys planning any recordings? #askjoe
     @tarcisiorpc we've done 1 song on a tribute to deep purple, yeah a few more. doubt we'll do much writing

@carrjam943h:  @def_leppard What do you rather do on a day off during tour? #AskJoe
     @carrjam94 Golf

@JayKeePoo3h:  @def_leppard #askjoe do you do any specific vocal exercises to keep your voice in top shape?
     @JayKeePoo every day im on the road - easily an hour using exercises from a vocal coach to not lose my voice

@Lori_Starr3h:  @def_leppard #askjoe How do you feel about parents sharing their love of #defleppard with their kids creating multi-generational fans?
     @Lori_Starr its fantastic, ive never been one of these guys that should hate their parents music and love seeing this

@txbarbie20043h:  @def_leppard.  How did you come up with the name. ded Flatbirds?  For a opening act in Vegas.        @txbarbie2004 ded flatbird - somebody misheard "def leppard" 20 years ago

@JulieMaguire723h:  @def_leppard Hi Joe, Who is your favorite guitar player? Not in #DefLeppard  #askjoe
     @JulieMaguire72 mick ronson, brian may, joe walsh, mike campbell

@BuckySweets3h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe Any band that u would like 2 tour with that u havent yet?
     @BuckySweets wouldnt have mind opening for the beatles, zeppelin, rolling stones….

@TangiNorris3h:  @def_leppard What do you consider to be your biggest success outside of Def Leppard? #AskJoe
     @TangiNorris the fact that i'm a relatively sane and comfortable family man

@SariLep3h:  @def_leppard Think we will ever see Booty Reuben again? Love the banner lady #askjoe
     @SariLep i dont see why not!

@payne_colleengp3h:  @def_leppard #askjoe what is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to get your :)
     @payne_colleengp if you consider taking clothes off crazy, then…

@Taffinexile3h:  @def_leppard Is there anyone who you'd currently like to collaborate with?! #AskJoe
     @Taffinexile not many i wouldnt. a duet with u2, david bowie, roger taylor, springsteen, mott the hoople…

@ladystrange735h:  @def_leppard what is the best advice you have ever gotten from one of your idols?#askJoe
     @ladystrange73 ian hunter once said you never learn anything from success, i beg to differ but I know just what he meant by it!

@patba19685h:  @def_leppard #askjoe what is hardest part if touring ?
     @patba1968h:  the travel

@leppgirl6255h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe why did you decide to be a United fan instead of a Wednesday fan?
     @leppgirl625 you dont decide, it's just where you're born.

@JSR625h:  @def_leppard #askjoe would you ever consider doing In The Round Ever Again?
     @JSR62 we'd consider it but have to do it in a totally different way. it was done as an athletic exercise more than anything else

@BlueandGold945h:  @def_leppard hey joe any plans for a new album after the vegas residency? #AskJoe
     @BlueandGold94 we're always working on new material

@bobbidalton4545h:  @def_leppard What song is your favorite on the euphoria cd?#askjoe
     @bobbidalton454 i cant remember anything off it. "paper sun"

@mapplepie5h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe hi from South Yorks, uk! What do you miss from back home & you can't say family?
     @mapplepie Henderson's relish and seeing the home games!

@rustinpe4ce4h:  @def_leppard have you thought about writing a book? #askJoe
     @rustinpe4ce yeah i almost did it last year, but am not sure im old enough just yet.  would like to

@LeePHoughton4h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe Joe, Are fans more respectful now than back in the day or does social media mean more "bad behaviour" from the fans?
     @LeePHoughton good question - back in the day we didnt get to hear much negative stuff cause there wasnt really a forum for it. only letters that got 2 us.


@mdtnvolfan5h:  @def_leppard Joe, what is your fav song to perform live? #askjoe
     @mdtnvolfan it changes on a daily basis. "sugar" doesnt ever get old because of the crowd reaction!

@tarcisiorpc4h:  @def_leppard is def leppard going to perform the entire hysteria album on the next tour again or that was just for vegas? #askjoe
     @tarcisiorpc absolutely would do again sometime

@Limeadegirl5h:  @def_leppard Would you ever consider acting in any movies or tv shows? #askjoe
     @Limeadegirl yeah of course, years ago I was a guest in a movie called dark realm w/corey feldman playing a ghost of a rock star

@Deflepfreak5h:  @def_leppard #askjoe wheres your favorite place to vacation with the family?
     @Deflepfreak i would never tell, somewhere sunny!

‏@DefLepManiac5h:  @def_leppard what should we most look forward to on the Slang reissue? #askjoe
     @DefLepManiac wait and see

@leppgirl6255h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe do you and Sav ever watch soccer games together but sometimes get into an argument over the game?
     @leppgirl625 we never got into an argument, but do watch many games together!

@Joeg_camera5h:  @def_leppard Did u almost get 2play Desert Song @Viva Hysteria? May we see a Blu-Ray of VH with the Ded Flatbird sets (every song?) #AskJoe
     @Joeg_camera no we didnt get close or think about playing Desert Song, but yes DVD out towards the end of the year - most flat bird set will make it

@HollyFaithO5h:  @def_leppard #AskJoe Hi Joe. Sorry so short, have to work.  How many instruments do you play and what are they?
     @HollyFaith05h: very badly the obvious ones… drums, bass, guitar, piano.. play well enough to write songs…

@planetrockradio:  @def_leppard4h What is your favourite Queen track and when did you first meet Brian May?
     @planetrockradio difficult to answer but "prophets song" & "now i'm here" are favourites & we met brian may in sweden when we opened for Rainbow in 81.


pjames6 05/03/13 2013 05:23:46 PM

Oh wow the Q&A with joe on Twitter was manic. Didn't get my question answered but was happy to just be a part of it all live. It went so quick as well. One minute joe was there and the next he was signing off. Just wanted to say thanks to joe for tweeting for the fans. We all know how busy you are and I for one really appreciated it x

Pyromrs 05/03/13 2013 07:39:22 PM

You missed posting a question and answer by @Pyromom!!! Please post it to satisfy CHEAP thrills!!

Tami Stockton 05/03/13 2013 09:22:39 PM

Great Q&A

pjames6 05/04/13 2013 06:55:19 PM

what a manic night Q&A was with joe!! i wasn't lucky enough to have my question answered but it didn't matter, i was just thrilled to be a part of it all. us fans all know how busy joe and the other band members are so for any of them to take the time to do this for us is just brilliant and i, for one, really appreciated it. thanks joe x

Bryce Morris 05/15/13 2013 09:45:02 PM

Obviously the time has past and with Viva Las Vegas recently finsihing up I'd think the next show would commerate Adrenalize?

Always remember, true fans like all, ALL your stuff-Euphoria, X, Slang, and they never seem to get enoough play.

raernst11 06/05/13 2013 04:02:31 PM

I don't have Twitter, so this was great to read!! :)

raernst11 06/05/13 2013 04:02:48 PM

I don't have Twitter, so this was great to read!! :)