Vivian Cambell Answers Fan Questions pt. 1

Aug 2 2013 - 15:07

Listen to Vivian's answers to fan questions submitted through the Def Leppard Facebook page in the SoundCloud player below. Stay tuned for part 2 next week and be sure to check out Viv's side project, Last In Line, on tour this August. CLICK HERE for dates


Def leppard777 08/02/13 2013 05:00:22 PM

If you read this Mr.Vivian Campbell it meant a lot to me for you to be able to answer my question.
I am a younger fan and I'm am glad to be able to enjoy Def Leppard's great music !
Thanks again,
Nicolas Schultz

6Scorpio9 08/03/13 2013 04:33:25 AM

Thanks Viv, it was lovely hearing your point of view. Looking forward to part 2. My best wishes in all you do in life always. Muaa! Big kiss! ;o)

Stephanie Ide 08/03/13 2013 08:40:01 PM

Good questions and interesting answers. That was nice. The gardener in the background was entertaining :)

pjames6 08/04/13 2013 09:19:46 AM

you have GOT to listen to this, it is soooo funny!! vivian has such a wonderful sense of humour and what a lovely man. can't wait for part 2 next week x