USA: Last Chance To See VIVA! Hysteria In Cinemas - 8 October

Oct 7 2013 - 19:22

USA Fans- Your last chance to see VIVA! Hysteria on the big screen at your local cinema is tomorrow night (8 October)!

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Betty Green Hansen 10/09/13 2013 08:36:08 AM

I was able to go to both US cinema showings of Def Leppard VIVA! Hysteria. The film did a great job capturing the fun and excitement of the concerts, and brought back so many wonderful memories and feelings of the shows I attended in Las Vegas. Don't miss the chance to see this movie! Hysteria is a monumental rock album, and Def Leppard still has the ability to create magic via the music we still love to listen to. They're even better than ever before, as their camaraderie is tighter with the passing of the years. You can tell this was a labor of love--of the music, of each others' friendship, and of the fans who love them!

DonSmallBerries 10/10/13 2013 05:03:24 AM

My wife and I caught the theater showing last on 10/8 in Sacramento, CA USA. What a great concert video! The sound was amazing, instrumentation and vocals were fantastic as well. Can't wait until the Blu Ray release at the end of the month! Thanks to the lads for such a fantastic experience!

Gennie Carlson 10/13/13 2013 05:50:09 PM

I saw it on the last day thanks to a friend. It was awesome. You guys are so great even one of my kids listens to you. :) Oh and I would love to meet you guys.