Phil Collen & Vivian Campbell on Nikki Sixx's "Sixx Sense" - Now Streaming Online!

Nov 21 2013 - 15:46

Phil Collen & Vivian Campbell's recent interview with Nikki Sixx on his radio show "Sixx Sense" is now available to stream!

Listen in the player below or on the show's site HERE


6Scorpio9 11/22/13 2013 01:44:24 AM

What a splendidly spoken inside story on Viva Hysteria. Nikki did a great job with the interview he had very kind comments and just let Phil and Viv flow. I really enjoyed it and laughed on the making of Ded Flatbird. Really good stuff!

rar745 11/27/13 2013 11:36:50 PM

They never got back to the "Where did the name Ded Flatbird come from" story. It was still good to hear about the new Live album. Yes, it WOULD be awesome if they ever did this play-the-whole-album-live-and-record-it thing for Pyromania, too. Hopefully, that will happen. ¡Viva Def Leppard!