Phil Collen's blues based side band DELTA DEEP is gearing up to release their debut self-titled album on June 23rd. Today they premiered a song off the album, "Down In The Delta", on Guitar World. Listen to the track below and pre-order the album HERE to receive the song instantly!

Japan Tour Dates Announced

06/01/2015 - 01:51

DEF LEPPARD are pleased to announce their return to Japan for the following show dates.  


9 November - Tokyo, Japan (Budokan)
10 November - Osaka, Japan (Orix Theater)
12 November - Nagoya, Japan (Zepp)
13 November - Sendai, Japan (Sun Plaza Hall)


Rock Brigade Concert Club Members Pre-sale tickets & VIP packages on sale 8th June - 16th June (11 am).  Not a member join now HERE


General Tickets On Sale 20th June


Australia Tour Dates Announced

05/24/2015 - 12:27

DEF LEPPARD are pleased to announce their return to Australia for the following show dates. 


17 November – Sydney (Qantas Credit Union Arena) - Tickets details go HERE
      Rock Brigade Concert Club Presale: 1 Jun (noon) to 3 Jun (5pm)
      Visa Presale:  4 Jun (noon) to 8 Jun (5pm)
      Ticketek Presale: 9 Jun (noon) to 10 Jun (5pm)
      General Public Onsale:  11 Jun (10am)


18 November – Melbourne (Rod Laver Arena) - Tickets details go HERE
      Rock Brigade Concert Club Presale: 1 Jun (noon) to 3 Jun (5pm)
      Visa Presale:  4 Jun (noon) to 8 Jun (5pm)
      Ticketek Presale: 9 Jun (noon) to 10 Jun (5pm)
      General Public Onsale:  11 Jun (10am)


21 November – Perth (Red Hill Amphitheatre) - Tickets & VIP Packages on Sale NOW HERE

Phil Collen's side project DELTA DEEP will be performing live in Los Angeles, CA at The Hotel Cafe for their debut show on June 17th! Tickets are on sale now. Get yours HERE

ADRENALIZED: Life, Def Leppard, and Beyond, written with veteran journalist and author Chris Epting and scheduled  for publication on October 27, is the first book written by a member of the group that holds claim to being one of only five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over 10 million copies in the U.S.  Featuring personal, never-before-seen photos of Collen and his band mates on stage and off, Adrenalized is a fascinating account of the failures, triumphs, challenges, and rock-hard dedication it takes to make dreams come true. 




"It's fascinating for even me to look back at my life from working in a factory at 16 years old to eventually traveling the world selling over one hundred million records and all the experiences that come with that journey,” Collen says. “I realize that there is a constant evolution of 'me' that is still a work in progress even as I continue to be vital and dynamic in my same occupation for the past 35 years well into my late fifties." 



Phil Collen recently spoke with Music Enthusiast Magazine about the upcoming Def Leppard album and his work with his band DELTA DEEP.


Phil had this to say about the upcoming Def Leppard album:

"More or less. Actually we were doing some the other day in Montreal, just some finishing touches and stuff. It’s got to be mixed and mastered and all that stuff, so it’ll probably come out when we finish the U.S. tour. It’s such a long tour anyway, so it’ll come out while we’re on tour somewhere."


Phil on his DELTA DEEP project:

"I’ve always wanted to do stuff like that. It wasn’t really blues per say, it was more of an expression, you know? Like an artistic expression. There’s something that really irks me about blues. You’ve got these musicians and artists that play a style and blues wasn’t a style. It was born out of agony and pain and slavery. It came from people being stolen from Africa, put into a country, beaten, whipped, whopped any which way, killed or their family being killed, pain and just real heartbreak.


Read the entire interview HERE

Not only will Vivian Campbell be rocking out with Def Leppard on the highly anticipated Hysteria On The High Seas! Cruise, but his side band LAST IN LINE will also be performing. We’re just over 250 days away from this epic experience, are you ready to rock on the high seas? More info HERE.

Check out the latest photos from DEF LEPPARD'S tour of Canada.  New photos will be updated so check back often.  Photo credit: Ross Halfin.  Go HERE


While out on their current tour, Def Leppard's own Vivian Campbell spoke with Gibson about the tour life, his favorite Les Pauls, new music and more! Here's one question in the interview:


Gibson: Let’s talk guitars. What’s in your Def Leppard rig?
Vivian Campbell: I have a few of my trusty Les Pauls I always use for recording and touring. My main Les Paul for both touring and recording is a 1978 Les Paul custom. I bought it in a pawn shop in Nashville in 1992, and it got damaged in transit flying to Europe. The only part of the guitar that was salvaged was the neck, but that was the most important part of the guitar, because I like the feel of the neck. So, I had it re-bodied with a standard Les Paul body, not a custom, and it’s basically a mutt guitar! That’s my main stage guitar and my main one in the studio, too. My second go-to Les Paul is my ‘56 Goldtop reissue.


Read the full interview HERE

New U.S. Show Dates Announced

04/27/2015 - 13:07

DEF LEPPARD have added the following two additional shows on their upcoming U.S. tour run!


September 20th - Los Angeles, CA (The Forum)
October 14th – Columbus, OH (Schottenstein Center)


Rock Brigade Concert Club Pre-Sale: April 28th 10am (PDT) - April 30th at 10pm (PDT)

VIP Public On Sale: April 29th at 10am (PDT)
General Public Ticket On sale: Friday May 1st at 10am PDT