Phil Collen interview on Insane Realm Radio (Listen Now)

Feb 2 2014 - 20:55

Phil recently did an interview with Jack Antonio for CJIM in Montreal and Insane Realm Radio which aired on Sunday, 2nd February.  Listen to the interview HERE


DefLep 02/05/14 2014 08:51:11 PM

Nice to hear Phil mentioning Calgary on the interview!

pjames6 02/13/14 2014 05:10:08 PM

This is such a good interview to listen to - nice and long. A little bit of everything is discussed here from girl to def leppard to manraze to delta deep to kiss to deep purple to politics to Phil's autobiography. Phew!!! Can't wait for the book, Phil. Get on and finish it! A def leppard album would be good too. Not asking for much am I? Lol x