VIP & Meet & Greet Packages – On Sale Now!

03/20/2014 - 18:50

Exclusive VIP & Meet & Greet Packages/Tickets On-Sale NOW.  Make it a night to remember buy purchasing one of the two exclusive packages.  For all details and to purchase click HERE.  Please note that there are NO "passcodes" or "fanclub memberships" necessary to purchase.


Def Leppard - Meet & Greet Package
-One premium reserved ticket located in the first 10 rows
-VIP early entry into the venue
-Exclusive meet & greet with Def Leppard
-Personal photograph with Def Leppard
-Autographed 8x10 photo
-Specially designed tour shirt (exclusive to VIP packages only)
-Collectible silkscreened tour poster (numbered, limited print)
-Official set of Def Leppard guitar picks (with case)
-Exclusive Def Leppard tour merchandise item
-Official meet & greet laminate
-On-site VIP host
-Limited availability


Def Leppard - VIP Tour Package
-One premium reserved ticket
-Specially designed tour shirt (exclusive to VIP packages only)
-Collectible silkscreened tour poster (numbered, limited print)
-Official set of Def Leppard guitar picks (with case)
-Exclusive Def Leppard tour merchandise item
-Commemorative tour laminate
-Limited availability


uknohoo 03/18/14 2014 12:03:20 PM

Would love to do the meet and greet!!! I did VIP for the tour with Poison, no meet and greet that time :-( However, I did get a ticket on the front row. That was AWESOME. Can't see me being able to afford it again. (Maybe I should get a second job to fuel my Def Leppard needs?)

For those of you who are able to do this, have the time of your life! If Helen does the hosting again, she's great. Very nice lady, she will make sure you are having fun.

kvannuland 03/18/14 2014 02:00:49 PM

How do I become a VIP to get early tickets? I missed them last year but now they are playing at Alpine Valley which is amazing, I won't miss it for anything!! Def Leppard was my first favorite rock band, was given 2 Pyromania records (yes, actual records) and a few shirts for my 13th birthday way back in 1983. Your first band is like your first love... Never forgotten! I am so excited!! I saw them back in the late 80's but back in those days I may have had some things in my system that prevented me from remembering the concerts fully. I want to get in the first 10 rows!!!!

PreciousV 03/18/14 2014 04:47:46 PM

The only problem with presale is that you have to buy the Kiss concert club membership and it is $55 just to get the passcode in a day or two. What a jip. Def Leppard fan club members should be able to access presale without having to buy a Kiss membership.

LymieKat213 03/18/14 2014 05:06:50 PM

FINALLY!! after almost 30 yrs---Joe, Phil, Sav, Rick & Vivian, here I come!!!! :) I am finally going to meet Def Leppard!!! Will be heading down from NH, USA to Mansfield, MA, USA for the Aug 1st concert (which happens to be Joe's birthday too!!)
Here's hoping my Lyme disease doesnt flare up too much more so Im not debilitated to the point where I cant attend the concert! **I'M SO EXCITED!!!!** Love & light to y'all! xo

LymieKat213 03/18/14 2014 07:14:58 PM

@PreciousV I didnt have to pay anything extra to get the Def Leppard M&G package except the price listed.
I did notice you needed a code to do the Kiss M&G. "access" Hope this helps...... :)

Angie Brown 03/18/14 2014 07:15:06 PM

You don't even want to know what I think of these M&G's and the price you're charging. Shameful!

Leapyear64 03/18/14 2014 09:03:39 PM

I said the next time Def Leppard was in town I was going to get VIP tickets. Well I just got my tickets! Can't wait to see them and KISS when they come to Scranton! This is the same venue where I saw both bands for the first time! Crossing off one thing on my bucket list! Thanks to my wonderful husband (who will be going too) for letting me do this.

foreveryoung0224 03/18/14 2014 09:21:23 PM

Says VIP went on sale today, cannot find it for Def Leppard, only KISS! Please help

foreveryoung0224 03/18/14 2014 09:22:04 PM

I cannot access VIP Packages, Please help.

Futbolfan 03/19/14 2014 01:17:52 PM

Any information on whether Def Leppard will close each concert?

kasb1961 03/19/14 2014 01:38:30 PM

you dont have to be a kiss fan club member to get Def Leppard V.I.P. Helen is no longer doing the hosting she resigned in Dec.of2013

Nikki Nigh Lanz 03/19/14 2014 05:31:07 PM

Not a happy Def Leppard fan here. The last time I saw you was a couple years ago when you toured with Heart. Awesome shows!! Didn't see you last year becuase I don't like Poison. Now this year's partner is KISS. At first this sounded awesome, until I heard KISS as of lately. Paul absolutely sounds horrible (YouTube their latest show at Dodger Stadium
). I think you could have gotten a lot better act to tour with. Some people will go anyway, but I don't like driving 3-4 hours each way unless I like both bands. Maybe next year.

TweakHound 03/19/14 2014 11:39:23 PM

Does anyone know how the VIP thing works? When/how to we get the merchandise part?

Michael S. Galka 04/14/14 2014 11:18:31 AM

It will not show me the meet and greet option when I purchase tickets what do I do?

BlakeWebb19 07/18/14 2014 09:15:57 PM

For those who are going to the Meet and Greet tomorrow in Charlotte 7/19... I've got a friend in the hospital for a severe burn accident who is a huge Def Leppard fan. I would be willing to pay you to have them write a get well soon message on a sheet of paper for my friend Ron. Contact me @