Joe Elliott – Dennis Miller Radio Show (Listen Now)

03/18/2014 - 16:07

Joe Elliott interviewed on the Dennis Miller Radio Show on 18 March 2014 discussing the Summer 2014 Tour, Down 'n' Outz, Slang deluxe release, amongst other items.  Listen now!



Chris Cheney 03/19/14 2014 04:49:37 AM

Great interview Joe. Looking forward to seeing you in Utah. I wish I could afford the meet and greet so I could meet you but I will be at the show! Rock on!

Kellie Trentham 03/22/14 2014 01:18:26 PM

Great interview! I could listen to you all the time. It ready sounds great what all you guys are going to do this summer with the tour with Kiss! I know it will be amazing! Sorry I will have to miss it. My bestfriend has to have major surgery this summer and her wellbeing is more important. Not saying your not important it's if she don't have this surgery she won't be able to walk. So take of yourself! God bless you and the guys! Kellie