Joe Elliott – Rockline Interview - Listen Now!

03/21/2014 - 18:31

Joe Elliott was recently the featured guest on the nationally syndicated radio show ROCKLINE with host Bob Coburn (19 March).  Listen to the interview now HERE.


Kellie Trentham 03/22/14 2014 12:48:14 PM

Thank you so very much Joe for putting your interview on here so fans are able to hear it. The little town that I live in it's so hard to get anything here. Just like any of def leppard's music that comes out my best friend has to send it to me. So thank God for youtube! haha Hope you are doing ok, Kellie

pjames6 03/22/14 2014 05:44:54 PM

awesome interview. joe's impersination of gene is brilliantly funny lol. can't wait for more down 'n' outz music, love my regeneration. rock 'n' roll queen and one of the boys off the new album are brilliant. gotta say that joe sounds just like ian hunter on one of the boys. (a compliment of the highest kind.) as for the question about a third album from down 'n' outz, i could have kissed that girl! can't wait for the third, let alone the second haha. so many interviews floating around at the moment, a girl doesn't know which to listen to first! as for being def leppard....what????? not enough drama for television? what is the matter with some people! us fans of def leppard don't give a damn if def leppard aren't beating each other up or whatever, we just wanna see def leppard!!!!!! please please don't shelve this project, give it to us fans. well i think i've rattled on enough, bye x

Kellie Trentham 03/23/14 2014 04:22:57 PM

Joe, I want to thank you so very much for all that you do for us fans! Thank you for putting all of this wonderful stuff on here. Because to tell the truth it's the only way I can see or hear about whatt's going on with all you guys. Joe, thanks again for all that you do! You are so awesome!