Summer Tour Countdown

06/17/2014 - 02:40

In one week DEF LEPPARD will kick off their summer tour with KISS in Salt Lake City, Utah on 23 June.  Tour rehearsals have started today.  For all tour dates and tickets go HERE






Kellie Trentham 06/17/14 2014 09:18:59 AM

That's wonderful! I know that all you guys will have a awesome time because alot of people love you'll. Take care of yourselves I know that the traveling will wear you guys out but just think about the reason why all you guys wanted to be in a band to begin with being on stage performing your beautiful gifts that you'll have been blessed with. Now on the flip side think about all the fans that love you guys and how much fun you will have seeing everybody singing your music they too will be so blessed too! Please take care!

Michelle Scott 06/17/14 2014 10:43:31 AM

So rehearsals have begun cool so so cool wish it was the uk we need something good right now. Still nice to kmow what the boys are up to. Good luck to you all

Michelle Scott 06/17/14 2014 10:47:10 AM

Gees look at all those guitar picks on the mic loving it. Is that phill in the distance he look supet slim must be hes new menus