Joe Elliott – Facebook Fan Q&A – Answers Pt. 1

08/01/2014 - 20:15

With the recent tour break, Joe had some time to answer many of the great questions that were submitted last month to his Facebook Q&A.  Thanks to all that sent in their questions. For those who’s questions were not answered, we will do this again soon.  Look out for parts 2 and 3 of the Joe Elliott Q&A coming in the next few days!


Listen to Pt. 1 of Joe’s answers on SoundCloud NOW!



Kellie Trentham 07/31/14 2014 02:35:52 AM

Well, Once again it won't work for me, But that's okay I know it's has to be on my end. I want to tell you'll thanks so very much for all that you guys do. I really love music it's exactly what Joe had said back in the day that music is to put a smile on your face. Life comes along and hits everybody and with me music does put a smile on my face it's a way I can get away from the stress. Anyway thank you so very much!!

Serena Siders 08/02/14 2014 07:26:42 AM

what dose joe do today to have a good that ur a little older i know sometimes age dose not do u celbrit with the guys or by ur matter what have a great bday never stop rockin baby