Joe Elliott – Facebook Fan Q&A – Answers Pt. 2

08/04/2014 - 21:31

Rise up! Gather round, here is part 2 to Joe’s recent Q&A.  Also listen to part 1 HERE



Kellie Trentham 08/05/14 2014 03:37:10 AM

Thanks so very much for putting this on here, But anyway i'm sure it's awesome too! I couldn't get it to play that's okay I'm going to have my son help. me tomorrow. Thank you!

Michelle Scott 08/05/14 2014 01:31:30 PM

very enjoyable listen Joe like the mention on Steve Clark and Rick Allen.
I myself am a huge fan of Stevie Nicks also and recently heard an interview about slotting in new songs she to finds this incredable difficult i mmyself love to hear new stuff and new styles and we are always previalidge to lots of different styles with Leppard.
Cant wait for your "dirty smokey down n outz gig" see ya there jo and "Nice One" x