In case you missed it, Joe Elliott spoke with BBC's Radio 4 surrounding the 10th anniversary of iTunes on the changing landscape of the digital music scene.

Joe's piece begins at the 41:53 mark LISTEN HERE

Joe - Twitter Q&A

05/03/2013 - 03:48

Thanks to all of you who joined Joe for his q&a on Twitter today.  Here is the complete rundown of questions/answers and sorry for any questions that he did not get to.  There will be a next time!


@bridgey_sez2h:  @def_leppard how do you feel about the Don Valley stadium closure #askjoe     

     @bridgey_sez i'm very disappointed cause we were the first band to ever play there

@foxter6576:@def_leppard #askjoe Do you think Def Leppard will ever retire?
     @foxter6576 well yeah, nothing goes on forever. even the stones will one day quit - either through death or boredom!

@emw11092h: @def_leppard Does your mum still think you should get a "proper" job? #askjoe

     @emw1109 not anymore, god no, she's pleased as punch!

‏@HelloLeilani2h:  @def_leppard Mirror Mirror is my favorite song and I heard it closing night. Mahalo! What's the odds of hearing Paper Sun live now? #askjoe     

     @HelloLeilani having just played "good morning freedom", you cant rule anything out!

@SteveStevensAA2h:  @def_leppard Which classics are you re-recording next? #AskJoe     

     @SteveStevensAA i dont know actually

@rustinpe4ce2h:  @def_leppard I'll be 17 on Sunday, could you make my day and wish me a happy birthday? #askJoe             @rustinpe4ce happy birthday!

‏@scotthappe1h:  @def_leppard #askjoe Do you think Def Leppard will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?     

     @scotthappe thats always a good question, do i really care? no, i'm more about the songs and doing this for the fans!

@kcampbell392h:  @...

Join Joe on his first official Twitter fan Q&A on Thursday May 2 at 5pm (EST)!  Joe will be answering YOUR questions about Def Leppard, VIVA! Hysteria, Ded Flatbird, Down 'n' Outz or anything else on your mind LIVE!


Submit your questions on Twitter to @Def_Leppard with the hashtag #AskJoe 


Date: Thursday May 2nd
Time: 5:00pm (EST)
Where: On Twitter  @Def_Leppard


How to Participate:
Login to Twitter
Don’t have an account? Sign up here In the “What’s Happening” box on your profile, type your question.
Add the hashtag, #AskJoe to your post and click “tweet”
Example: What is your favorite Def Leppard song to play live? #AskJoe


Vivian's favorite charity Create Now has received a Limited-Edition Washburn guitar that was donated by Jeff Magnuson and his wife Michelle. What makes this guitar REALLY special is that Create Now arranged for Jeff and Michelle to meet Vivian at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas so that Viv could get all five band members to autograph it. Viv then arranged to have the guitar shipped back to Los Angeles on the truck with all the Def Leppard equipment, and he personally delivered it to Create Now! Only ONE will have a guitar that was personally handled by Vivian and signed by all five band members. 


Create Now is very grateful to Jeff & Michelle Magnuson, and of course Vivian Campbell, as well as Rick Savage, Joe Elliott, Rick Allen and Phil Collen. We really appreciate their support!


Bid now HERE  (auction ends May 5, 2013)


Create Now transforms the lives of youth in need through arts mentoring and experiences.  Click HERE for more info.


Planet Rock was recently bought by Bauer Media and through that deal, Planet Rock's music broadcast license has been changed to the U.K. only. Until Bauer Media obtains royalty agreements with other countries, Planet Rock can only be broadcast to the U.K.


What does this mean?  Now only residents that are based in the U.K. can stream and listen on-demand, BUT if you are listening from outside the U.K. there's a website called which allows anyone to "stream" the show "live" HERE


This week's show will be a two-hour special tribute to Mick Ronson (whom was David Bowie’s righthand man in the early 1970’s and went on to work with Roger Daltrey, John Mellencamp, Ian Hunter, and Bob Dylan), who passed away 20 years ago Monday, 29 April. The special will feature music and stories by and about the late, great Mick Ronson - be sure to tune in! 


For those in the U.K. tune into Joe's weekly radio show on on Saturdays at 6pm (GMT).  For those listening outside the U.K. listen live from this site HERE

D.L. will be performing this summer at Festival d'été de Québec in Québec City, QC at the 
Plaines d'Abraham on July 13th.   For all tickets and show details go HERE

Fresh off from VIVA! Hysteria, this weeks show will feature tunes from Stray, Ian Hunter, The Quireboys, Jim Wilson, Van Halen, amongst others; as well as some great music history insight from Joe.
Tune into Joe's weekly radio show on for brand new shows on Saturday's at 6pm (GMT) / 1pm (EST) OR listen ANYTIME.  CLICK HERE to listen!

Ded Flatbird T-Shirts

04/18/2013 - 18:15

You can now purchase the VIVA! Hysteria shirts from Ded Flatbird, the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Def Leppard Cover Band," on our webstore HERE

Andie Airfix's Leppard Lounge

04/17/2013 - 18:02

Recently we introduced you to Andie Airfix, the graphic designer behind some of Def Leppard's most iconic artwork, and in May, Andie will be exhibiting the art and telling the stories behind it at this year's Brighton Fringe!


Book your tickets now for "Leppard Weekend," which will include: 

A daunting brief for ‘Pyromania’ • Searching for diamonds in Dublin • 4 years (!) creating the ‘Hysteria’ sleeve • Stadium Rock comes of age • Why did the original idea for ‘Hysteria’ have to change after 3 years work? • ‘Pyromania & 9/11 • Introducing computer graphics • MORE • Q&A’s



Listen to Andie tell the story behind the PYROMANIA cover in the YouTube clip below

D.L. will be performing this summer in Gilford, NH at the Meadowbrook Amphitheatre on July 15th along w/ SLASH featuring MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS.  


Tickets go on sale 19 April.  All details HERE