Fan Photos

Phil Rocks
Ric Savage
Joe Elliot
Phil Collen
Ric Savage 2012
Vivian Campbell Portrait
Ric Allen and Joe elliott
Joe Elliott
Rick Savage
Phil Collin
Joe Charms the interviewer
Joe sings in blue
JOe and Phil belt it out
July 7th, DTE Music (Pine Knob) Clarkston, MI. Two years in a row I was blessed! Thank you Def! So awesome! Keep comin' back!
 DTE 2012
 DTE 2012
Sav DTE 2012
Our beloved Leppard towers over us in Clarkston, Michigan
The "THUNDER GOD" roars in Clarkston, Michigan
Joe and the guys rock us with ROCKET!
Joe and the guys knock us off our feet!
Joe Stops the Music in ANIMAL
Sav Rockin' Tampa Ultimate VIP!!!